Warhammer: Vermintide

Thoughts on the Grail Knight

Hey everyone, after watching the Stream and the GK reveal, I am a bit dissapointed. I was wondering what you guys think.

Let's start with dissecting the current Kruber and what does GK bring to the table.

Merc: Great killing potential, great talent synergy and one of the best Ultimate skills in the game. Has access to all the weapons except the Longbow, He can deal with ranged and his X-sword with elites and hordes. Jack of all trades and if played properly can get all dem green circles

Huntsman: Strongest ranged class damage wise, basically unlimited ammo, hard to play but very rewarding, plus his aura increases Crit chance for the team so a bit of utility for others as well. Great as sniping specials.

Foot Knight: Tough suppporting role, great stagger and decent mobility with the charge. Can also use ranged weapons. In my opinion falls in favour of Iron Breaker but definitiely a valid choice and can fill other roles as well.

Now I expected a Grail Knight to be a superhuman rat/chaos slaying machine, with strong DMG and some utility for the team like a mix of Bardin slayer with some Foot knight sprinkle. But after watching the gameplay it seems like he's a bit better Foot Knight, more dmg, similar gameplay. Sword and Shield with slight different attack pattern, not really a breath of fresh air in comparison to the S&S we had already. The Brettonian longsword is like a child of Great Sword and X-Sword judging by the attack pattern, but depending on the DMG will still probably be outclassed by X-sword. So not much new here as well. His Passive tasks are quite strong, but from what I've seen apply only to himself. He's quite cheap with the base price of 3,99 USD so there's that at least. All I can think of are the great voicelines that we are going to get as Krubers tries the French accent and the memes from that 🙂

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It all comes down to the talents that will be released on Tuesday that will determine the rest.

and for all of you who missed the stream here is the link to Fatshark's twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/654448459?t=0h0m1s

So please guys what are your thoughts. I am very interested to hear them.

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