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Tutorial to play with more than 4 players (BTMP mod) & associated mods

With multiple weeks or trails/tweaks/bug fix, BTMP (more than four players) mods & coordinating difficulty mods have reached a very stable state. In this post, I will explain the mods we are using for host & client, the function of some important mods in the package, and some useful settings in some mods, and some common crash.

Mod collection for Client

Mod collection for Host


  1. All the sanctioned mods can be used on top of the collection. However, a lot of nonsanctioned mods that are not in the collection will cause crash, especially if not all the clients are running the same mods. So clients should run bare minimum mods all the time.
  2. The Host should run the collection for Hots. It has all the mods in the Client collection. On top of that, Host needs some other mods to adjust the difficulty of the game (since you will have a large group of people). Most of the difficulty mods do not require Clients to have it, except Cata3 & Deathwish which everyone needs to enable the mod.

Client mods:

Vermintide Mod Framework & Penlight Lua Libraries:

Base framework mods.

BTMP & MMO Names

Most important mods. Support multiplayer and some base QoL.

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The MMO Names help you recognize people on the map since once player numbers exceed 8, it will be very hard to find a specific person. You can change your name colour in the ‘Your Color’ option.

BTMP is the base mod that supports multiplayer. The option ‘Use MMO Names player colour’ will enable the player chose name colour, to help you distinguish them. ‘Max Player’ option is to limit the number of spots in the lobby since above 12 players will have significant performance impact.

Skip Cutscenes

Skip the cutscenes at the beginning of the map, so everyone can play immediately.

In its ‘Mod’ option, turn it to ‘Automatic’ so the game will skip cutscenes without your input.

More Hats and Frames

Allow you to use any hats on any character. Just a fun mod to flavour the game. However, if you don’t have the mod & join a lobby with a bunch of people have this one, you will cause the game to crash.

Cata 3 & Deathwish

Enable Cata2/Cata3 in adventure maps. And add Deathwish, which is a player-made difficulty mod, it increases enemy’s stagger resistance, and decrease player’s damage in Cata2/Cata3.

If the client doesn’t have this mod, enemies will easier to stagger for them. And if Deathwish is enabled by the Host, Clients without this mod will deal more damage.

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In order to enable Deathwish, Host needs to type /deathwish in chat before a map is voted.

Host mods:

Aussiemon's Free Flight Mod

Enable fly mod with hotkey. So Host can revive teammates before drop down.

Deed Mutators Selector

Add mutators to the game. Most used/fun mutators used are The Vanguard (more ambient elites), night_mode (night map), Tzeentchian Twin (enemy splits).


More horde, more specials, more elites in horde. Most important, events are harder!

In order to enable Onslaught, Host needs to type /onslaught in chat before a map is voted.

Mythical Vanguard

Replace all mobs inside horde with elites. Replace all specials with bosses.

In order to enable Mythical Vanguard, Host needs to select The Vanguard mutator in Deed Mutators Selector mod, and type /mythicalvanguard in chat before a map is voted.

Creature Spawner

Mostly just use the hotkey to delete all units, in order to prevent wipe (if you want).

Spawn Tweaks

Tweak the difficulty with very little limits. However, it requires a lot of deep game mechanic knowledge, and some settings can cause crash easily.

Huge shoutout to rain_dish, the maker of the current version of BTMP, and continuously publish newer version & bug fix. And if you want to see some live action with this mod, NewTypeBTW on twitch stream it quite often recently.

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