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Unchained Rework Concept: The Fires of Vengeance

Hello all, I do not think UC has any problems with her kit right now that makes her completely unusable in the current meta, but I find her to be overshadowed by her two other careers in terms of build diversity and gameplay thematic.

The rework I’m proposing is as follows:

  • WILDFIRE (new passive): now a passive that triggers the fire nova when Sienna passes the overcharge threshold. Weak at first, but gradually grows in size and damage as overcharge increases.

  • MELTDOWN (new passive): reaching 100 overcharge will no longer down Sienna. She still has full control over her movement and wildfire’s nova becomes exceptionally powerful. However, she will still lose health over time, albeit much slower, and she won’t be able to use her staff. She can only exit this state by using living bomb.

  • SLAVE TO AQSHYE (passive): Remains.

  • BLOOD MAGIC (passive): overcharge damage conversion reduced to 30% from 50%

  • UNSTABLE STRENGTH (passive): maximum melee damage bonus reduced to 30% from 60%

  • LIVING BOMB (active): cooldown reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. Now have the same stagger strength as foot knight’s charge. Detonation radius is the same as the current size of wildfire, and damage is based on overcharge.

The idea here is to make a career that retains the balancing act of Unchained. Only this time, you are able to channel the full onslaught of the wind of fire into martial and magical prowess when pushed into the brink.

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I added wildfire as a way so that Unchained’s dot talents like enfeebling flames or chain reaction has a way to reliably proc. I likes the idea of the previous wildfire, but it had too low of an uptime to be useful and entirely overshadowed by bomb balm.

Wildfire would also not do too much damage to hordes to kill them outright, but just softens them up so that your melee strikes will cleave through them easier. They would also not affect armored enemies because of how dots work in V2, which is why row 20 talents will have to be reworked too in order to supplement UC’s armor killing ability. My present thoughts is by adding more power to the meltdown state for the talents on that row to encourage more active use of it.

I realised both blood magic and unstable strength has to be nerfed in order to shift some of the power towards the fire nova.

I’ve also thought of a rework to outburst changing it so that heavy attacks causes a burst of fire on the nova’s radius that is able to stagger enemies within its reach.

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