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Vermintide 2 Console Problems: Is it just me?

So I got this game from the Xbox game pass and I wasn't expecting too much, but I fell in love with the game pretty quickly, and now one of my favorite games.

Unfortunately there's a couple of problems I'm experiencing in my Xbox one, and I just wanted to know if these happen to everyone else.

So these are my main problems with the game:

BOTS: I had to level them to 30 and they are equipped with red items, yet they act really poorly most of the time. I know the game Is meant to be played with other people but I rather host a game and wait for people to join, because I like collecting books, and with a random game you never know what kind of player you are joining. Could be a really bad player who doesn't collect books and his performance sucks, rather because the person is too selfish or not too good at playing. So to avoid these risk, and wasting my time, I prefer hosting or people who I already have as friends and I know they are reliable, but its problems as well, which I mentioned bellow. Also, I like to see the cosmetics I unlocked for my characters as well. Bots follow orders, stay with you and are amazing against bosses, but:

  1. They love gas. Usually when a globadier, is going for the suicide run, the bots instead of shooting him, they charge right in to them so they loose all their health in just a couple of seconds. Same with the warpfire trowers, or gatlings. They can have them in front of them but they just wont use their muskets, or arrows, or magic. They rather charge frontally for some reason! It cant be an ammo problem because they barely shoot anything. This happens with all elites and specials as well. The only thing that makes them shoot targets is tag them, but its not guaranteed they'll use their ranged weapons, so basically if I run out of ammo I'm screwed. I really wish they just shoot at the dam Specials but you never know when they are gonna do it.
  2. They fall of cliffs every time they have a chance, can we just have invisible walls for the bots to prevent this? Its the most annoying thing losing a game cause the bots just wanna suicide in a cliff, not fair.
  3. They don't revive you: This happens so often. They will just stand next to me blocking, and they just leave me there. Unless there's really few enemies, but most of the time they cant figure out how to revive me, and Sigmar help me if there's specials around, cause that's a guaranteed game over.
  4. They charge against patrols constantly, most of the time cause they are trying to kill a special melee. So when there's bots around you just have to kill patrols cause sooner or later bots will charge in to them.


  1. Buttons: Why does the dodge button has to be the same as jump? Its really easy to do this on a keyboard because you just move WASD, while in the controller there's diagonal directions, so in order to dodge in a controller you have to move it perfectly to the direction you want, but sometimes because the movement of the joystick wasn't 100% perfect in the direction you wanted you will jump. This has cost me many games, trying to dodge and accidentally jumping is very frustrating (I already master the trick, but from time to time I will miss and jump). For some reason with keyboard you can choose a different key for jumping. This makes the games unnecessary harder in the controller. Just let us choose how we want to play the game. The other thing that happens to me constantly is pain on my fingers or my hand, because you attack with RB in Xbox, and since you spam that button during the game, eventually it starts to hurt. Something that wouldn't happen if the game allows you for example attack with B. Again, just give as a bit of freedom in our preferences please. Usually people will say the solution would be play with keyboard and mouse, but I don't want to. An Xbox controller is not cheap where I live, so why I need to buy more stuff just because the game doesn't have a really, really simple option? and that's not a real solution to the problem, same with the social wheel.
  2. Joining your friends some days is just impossible, and I've talked about this with other Xbox users and most of them experience this constantly, somedays the connectivity between players works perfect, some day it just doesn't, which is why I think having better AI for your allies is important.
  3. The social wheel is too basic. I really don't understand why. Game developers, Its not hard choosing the option we want in the wheel with a controller, so don't restrict the communications options we barely have on consoles. At the very least give us the option to decide how wide we want it. The ones I consider extremely necessary would be "Sorry" and "Patrol", specially patrol. cause "watch out" could mean anything, and people often don't hear patrols, or they just don't know what they are. This happened to me when I was new to the game. I thought patrols where just enemies walking around and I attacked them as such, resulting in an instant kick from the other players. But if there was an option to alert your group of patrols, then people would understand they are a different threat and that they should avoid them. This is important too, because the characters don't have voice lines to alert the others from patrols, so this option would help immensely the console players.
  4. The Weekly event shouldn't be the first option to play online in my opinion. Cause most of new players will believe this is the classic game experience, which is not. They are weird and hard maps (which I love) but when I try to play them I always, ALWAYS, join to persons new to the game with no experience and they are struggling to understand what to do In such weird missions (my first game ever was a weekly event, and I had a first bad experience with it) , so the quick play and custom game should be the first options for multiplayer in my opinion.
  5. Glitches, bugs and crashes: Ill admit these don't happen too often, but some of them are really annoying. One of them is when the sound starts getting distorted for no reason like the console its about to explode, and since I play with headphones, this usually rapes my ears. And it keeps going unless you restart the game. This distortion gets worst when you hit multiple enemies and the frame drops like crazy. Sometimes the game also crashes out of no where. I cant tell how often this happens, but when it happens the game freezes and does this "eeeeeeh" distorted sound (like in a pc right before you get a blue screen) and then the game closes. I've asked other Xbox users and they have experienced the same problem too, so I don't think its just me. I wouldn't mind, but some times you have the perfect team, and you are doing great, but boom!, the game crashes.
  6. Textures some times take a while to load (for example, look at the human soldier corpses around or look at your character in 3rd person to see what I mean). I can understand why this happens and I have no problem with it. The game already offers something others don't, which is a lot of enemies so having ps2 textures from time to time is no problem for me. Most of people don't notice so who cares. But does this get better reducing the field of view?
  7. Wish there was more corpses on the ground. The game cant handle more than 10 (that's what I quickly count when I murder hordes, but could be more or less), so it would be really nice if there was more corpses. I don't care if the texture turns in to a ps1 model, It would just give you a better feeling of all the enemies you kill and a better immersion. I know this can Lag the game, that's why I said the corpses should have simple textures to prevent lag, I bet most of people would prefer more 20 ps1 corpses than just 6 corpses in 4k HD ultra graphics, cause you are aware of the enemies alive not the dead ones, so who cares if they don't look fantastic, I just want a pile of dead enemies in the corner of my eye, if that makes sense.
  8. Gamma: In the game options there's a gamma bar, but all it does is change the brightness. Wish there was an option to change the contrast of the game. You may say all I have to do is changing the screen options on my TV right? well I don't have a TV, I have a monitor screen, and it already has all the contrast it can handle, but even I have a TV, that would mean I have to change the brightness and the contrast every time I play this specific game, and then change back again to what I used to have, so its just better if the game already includes this options.
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The sounds of these game are incredibly satisficing, but there's some things that annoy me about it too:

  1. The music repeats over and over again. The music of this game is amazing, and it doesn't sounds generic as most of the games today, but why do I have to hear only 2 songs over and over again? The music during the hordes gets repetitive very quickly. I just wish they added more music (which they already have) because you only hear different music in very specific places or missions (like the final boss in Skit ergate), but most of the time is that same song you hear when a horde comes at you, and I just end turning off the music because the game just uses that song too much. They are truly wasting all the music they have, just use your music!
  2. An option for adjusting the voices would be great. I play with headphones and sometimes the voices are too loud for me but the rest of the sounds are perfect balanced. This may vary depending on the sound device the player has, that's why most of game have the volume of the voice excluded from the main sound effects. When I play with speakers the voices sound perfect but with headphones some times are too loud (I like playing the game loud). My main point with these last complains, is that the game should offer you more freedom on the options, because PC users get all kinds of nice mods, while the console players have really few ways to accommodate the game to their preferences.
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And those are the main things that annoy me or think that game could improve, but I also have some questions for the more veteran players:

  1. Does the problems listed above happen as well on PC and Play station?
  2. I've notice that in "true solo cataclysm" videos, the enemies and the heroes are faster. Does the enemies and your character get faster in cataclysm or do I have to reach a certain level for this to happen, or is this kind of speed is just for the PC? (Im level +80)
  3. If I buy winds of magic, how often does the beast men will appear in the rest of the maps?
  4. Why is this game so good?
  5. Where Can I follow news about the future DLCS, patches, and other stuff from the game?

And that's all I wanted to say. (Forgive my grammatical errors, English is not my native language and I wrote this very sleepy).Over all, this game made a connection with me I haven't felt in a long time. Vermin tide is truly something that won my heart forever.


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