Warhammer: Vermintide

Vermintide wasn’t meant to be played over 80-100 hours


Hedge 24 Mar @ 5:45pm ūüď∑

I'll be fairly candid and condensed as possible. We're so offtopic now, but here you go.

V2 wasn't designed as a "live service game", but a game that might capture hearts and minds for like 80-100 hours.

There's nothing wrong with that, not all games need to be designed/devloped to capture people for thousands of hours. Those that do often lean on a different acquisition model altogether, often free to play with a means of squeezing up to infinite money out of a tiny fraction of players. A model we don't support.

There's this strange entitlement that comes from some players, that we owe players something, and that they're being robbed that we don't support the game like they want us to. We get that this is born (usually) out of love for a game, and the desire to see it do better, do more, make bigger, grow and provide 100s more hours of fun, but we'd need more people dedicated to the project full time to achieve that, and that comes at a cost, and that cost needs to be paid in some way (see above).

It absolutely humbles us beyond belief when players hang around in our game beyond 100 hours. Honestly it does. But it wasn't designed to "getcha" for ever, and continue to deliver day in day out fresh content and experiences. At some point it's healthy to say "you know what, I paid 30 bucks for this and I've put in 500 hours! What a return on investment that was!" and play something else. Maybe pop back when an update comes around and check it out.

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On DRG, it does provide more content, more regularly, it's true. But they have a very specific design language in their art that affords them that luxury. Quoting Mikkel – "<...> we have chosen a style where we can produce content really fast because we don't have very high detailed models or high detailed enemies, so we can pump it out really quick <...>". They also aren't beholden to an IP owner, which can bog things down, or limit the pushing of the envelope to a degree. Not laying the blame on GW here, either, but it does add a level of restriction and a bar to be met and a need for some consistency.

Now, sure, we're not perfect. Do we have gremlins? Sure. But that's it. No one is perfect. 500 hours for $30 is a bargain if you ask me. We never expected you, or anyone really, to put in that much time and we're sure glad you did and want to keep at it! But temper your expectations. We could do things differently and change our approach and move towards one that does allow us to pump out more content at a faster pace, but it would be a different game, and perhaps not the one you wanted in the first place.

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I dont know how to feel about that. Is Fatshark deliberately digging their own graves? They create anti-hype with their new content and now say to their customers that we should eventually just stop playing their game. That we werent supposed to spent 1k hours into the game. We were supposed to play like 80-100 hours and it was expected that we come back for new content for like 2 hours or so. What the hell is this statement, Fatshark? Why would any developer state such a thing in the first place?

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