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Which weapons do you prefer as Grail Knight?

The few weapons I've tried on grail knight are longsword, executioner sword, Bretonnian and Empire sword and shield.

In general, I find longsword a well-rounded weapon. On the other hand, executioner sword can dish out more damage against tough enemies, at the cost of mobility. I may be wrong, but the attack speed of longsword seems a bit faster, which along with mobility makes longsword a safer option.

With longsword, against mob I usually use two light attacks > block cancel > repeat. Against unarmored specials and elites, I spam light attacks, but heavy attacks are also used. One nice thing about longsword is that the first two heavies aren't too vertical, so they can damage multiple enemies.

Bretonnian sword and shield are more mobile and better against single targets than the Empire one, but as a staggering weapon I find it harder to use because of its weapon combos. Since I already have a damage dealer, the Empire sword and shield seems to perform its intended role better, and if I want mobility, I can just switch weapon (assuming it's the longsword).

Because grail knight can't leap like slayer, shield weapon can be vital: If you teammates can't deal with ratling gunners or warpfire throwers in time, shield provides protection, and if they do attack you, this gives teammates room to fire on them. In addition, with shield weapon those nasty shield vermins become easier to deal with: You can use shield bash to stagger them, switch weapon and give them a heavy or two. On grail knight we can stagger with a shield weapon and then kill with a high damage weapon, something unique to this career. Farming THP on staggering also seems more reliable than THP on kills.

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TL; DR: (For now) I prefer longsword + Empire sword and shield. So what do you prefer, and why do you use them?

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