Watch Dogs

20 hrs initial thoughts MP

(No spoilers)

So, initial reactions. Feels like the campaign a little. A little. I still love the feel of legion. The game play. The skills. My only issues are:

game stability (seemingly a lot of glitches, but hopeful for a fix like they did with the main game).

Inconsistency with mechanics. You can pick a character to add to the roster in main game, say they have the semi auto shock shotgun, your Albion contractor can also use it. Not so much in the MP side of things, which is a bit disappointing that you can't up your across the board arsenal by adopting characters.

The season pass bit. That felt… So overused throughout so many games. I was mildly annoyed by some of the rewards being vaguely useless. Eto?easily earned. A free taste of s micro transaction boost? Nice, but makes you use it as soon as claimed and seems to count down while offline. It would be better if it gave you two options of influence -or- other possible rewards. Not just influence every 2-3 levels. The cosmetics are fun though.

Didn't affect me personally, but the one big op, the "raid" is what stops some characters being recruitable, isn't even available. Had I wanted these operators, I would be slightly booty flustered.

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Enemy health: it feels justified to up their health as there is 4 players. Only ran into a few weird enemy spawns. But each weapon should be viable, but it isn't the case. Some perform well, some average, and others poorly, even in comparison to a weapon of the same class (e.i. shock grenade launcher vs grenade launcher. I swear the former outperforms the latter. ). Often this causes you to have to do the ol' one two of disrupt and take down. Melee damage is just plain poor now. I have seen 3 players just beating and whooping on this enemy and they barely take any damage, roll away and take one pc out until finally someone empties clips into it or takes it down. Some skills don't have the oomph anymore either. This was a mistake that Anthem made. Enemy health and damage doesn't equate to a fun time nor a genuine challenge, and in fact after finding a work around (which I have for a consistent time now), it lost any challenge or flavor.

Drone variety: all the drones are there. Drone summoning stations are fairly rare, with understandable reasons. Drone health is abominable. Terrible. As an enemy, a pest to a genuine threat with plenty of health. As a hacked tool or a betraying bot, 3 sneezes and a near miss destroys it, almost like it goes from being built of metal to being built of paper, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a cheap prayer. It kills most of the use of the drone skills, which for some players is a huge draw to the game. I play with one. I run on foot to do stealth and run n gun, they run drones. Or that… was the plan. I am seriously debating telling them that the player is infinitely more durable than the supposedly badass anti terrorism drone or the riot drone. Which might crush their urge to play the game. Which would suck. But less than hearing their frustrations with that particular issue.

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Some of the traversal issues are not bad. Annoying… but not bad. Sometimes there are objects that you should be able to shoot between, but it is a solid invisible wall there, but not for an enemy.

The missions all over the map are solo… And don't reward aiding partner(s), killing that right off the bat. There is only 3(?) Co-op missions. 4? And the big mission that they alluded to is ( as mentioned before) bizarrely absent despite it being a req for operative(s).

Other than these minor (to me) complaints… I honestly have been enjoying myself and looking forward to seeing how it grows. Really, I am. Stuck through story on day dot/day 1, the bugs etc… And loved it. Every bit of it and wanted more. Thirsted for MP. I will stick to it… And do other games to keep it fresh until more comes into game too. Once I get set up decently I feel like.


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