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Anyone think we’ll see Online this month or Early March?

I know the Online Tech Test was a week/almost 2 weeks ago…It has mixed reviews, some say they had a smooth experience, some say otherwise. I personally think those issues just lied within the PC version of the game, seeing its very unoptimized…In comparison to the Series X version and other consoles.

A Tech Test on Console sometime before launch, would be a good way to determine the playability of the Mode. Either that, or just fix it up until Console gets v3.0 (which is what it seems like, I personally think the opposite should happen before a launch)

But from previous history of Betas/Tech Tests with Ubisoft.

• The Divison 2 had a Beta from March 1st-4th, and followed a full release March 15th.

• For Honor had a Beta from Feb 9-12, and released fully on Feb 14th.

• Siege had a Beta in September and then November (Disregarding the September one because Legions Online is supposed to Drop Early 2021 and the game released Dec 1st, a week after the November Test)

• Lastly, more recently HyperScape had a Tech Test in July and then one in August, a week before its full release on August 11th.

So if you put the pieces together, February or the first week of March definitely would seem like the most logical release period. (Hopefully we hear something this week instead of the typical single post a day from the Legion Twitter page, ontop of a few onesided replies.)

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We definitely need a update soon as possible though, I’m tired of checking the page everyday for news because I hve hopes for the game, but when you’re a Early Copy player or just a Day One player…Then you know we’ve been waiting too long, nearly 4-5 months for a Online Component. The Roadmap also is slightly altered and outdated due to this delay. Hopefully Invasion Mode comes attached to the Online since that was announced as a Early 2021 thing.

But we’ll just have to wait and see, take this with a grain of salt…Other than that, what do you guys think?


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