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Blume Security Guards – Information

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I'm gonna be running down the enemy factions in the first WATCH_DOGS, starting off with the least interesting faction, Blume Security.


Blume is responsible for the cTOS implemented in cities across the United States, beginning in 2013 with Chicago, Illinois but spreading to multiple cities across the country. Charlotte Gardner, the CCO and Vice President of Blume, pretends as if the cTOS is a safe and effective system when it really isn't – hackers steal people's money, cause accidents at traffic lights, stop public trains, raise and lower bridges, among multiple other things.

Blume Security Guards are the most uncommon enemy type in the game, as they only appear in the campaign – and rightfully so. They're very uninteresting. They have the same dialogue as Fixers and no special dialogue of their own, their profiles are similar to them and most of them have criminal records, basically meaning they're just Fixers that work for Blume, and have less than 25 different profiles making them the most underwhelming faction in the game by far. Granted, they are very powerful as Veterans can also carry the Goblin assault rifle that Elite gang members can, however otherwise they are virtually identical. They barely get any screentime in WATCH_DOGS 1.

No younger than 28 and no older than 60 (unless they have a hidden camera, where their age can be 18+)

Occupation: Blume Security Contractor

Income: Middle-Class – generally around $75,000 going to as high as $110,000


(Note that some will be left out as they are literally just stuff like "Probation Violation – Time Served" which is just their criminal record…)

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Acquitted of child pornography charges

Fishes with dynamite

Suspected of human trafficking

Former SA mercenary

Affiliated with racist group

Black belt martial artist

Survived car bomb explosion

Sentenced to community service

Dishonorably discharged

Aptitude in chemical weaponry

Survived gunshot to the head

Suspected of hate crime

Expert in bomb disposal

Trained combat pilot

Under formal inquiry

Acquitted of fraud

Habitual ACB user

Habitual steroid user

Former motorcycle gang member

Suspected of weapons trafficking

Possession of forged passports

Underground fight club member

Family ties to organized crime

Suspected arsonist

More info:

Blume Security Guards only have 24 different profiles, the least of any faction in the game.

They are the only legal enemy faction in the game that award experience and do not penalize you for killing them (the prison guards in "Dressed In Peels" notwithstanding, but they only appear in one mission).

After completing the campaign and all of the cTOS Control Centers, you will never be able to encounter them in that specific save again. They do not have any special missions or side missions of their own like other factions do, they do not spawn in cTOS centers after you unlock them, and resetting Side Mission Content will not reset their missions. You must either use a save on another profile, or you would have to erase your save (don't do that, please.) To be fair, however, Blume in this game is pretty lame and there is literally nothing interesting about them. All of the other enemy factions are more interesting than they are.

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