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Changes from E3

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So I just checked Ubisoft's E3 gameplay video, I noticed a few things taken out from it in the full game.

When getting critically injured you had the option to surrender or resist, this was removed in the full game.

Perk upgrade / customisation. In E3 you could rank up your character to get perks and you had one slot for 'legendary' perks. This was unfortunately removed in the full game. This has been requested quite a bit, so I hope they bring it back. No idea why they would remove such a thing.

When recruiting operatives you also could choose their class, they had 3 classes: Enforcer, Hacker, and Infiltrator. Depending on the class you chose, means the perks you get. I don't mind the class system missing from the full game, but I do really wish they kept the option to level up your team members and choose / swap perks.

It's how your character would grow, the more you use them the more skilled they become and more perks. Such a shame that it got removed.

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And one minor thing is the Team menu would show you how many Operatives you had / the maximum number. Hopefully they add this quality of life addition back.

I also noticed there was a menu called 'Apps', I am guessing this would have been where the radio player was. So maybe it was in the game on the E3 version but got removed. So there's still a chance they could bring these back hopefully along with a phone menu.

Here's some screenshots from E3:


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