Watch Dogs

Crashing to desktop

Yet another WD2 crashing to desktop post (apologies). So I went back and replayed all of Watch Dogs and figure I would go back and play Watch Dogs 2 but I noticed that I am now one of the lucky few (or many) that is suffering a crash to desktop issue.

It happens randomly in fire fights but it also happens 100% of the time I access the pause menu in game.

Things I've tried so far:- I've used DDU on both my Intel Graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 630) as well as my Nvidia drivers (Nvidia GTX 1070).- I've verified the files through Steam but I also did it through Uplay to see if there was a difference- I've tried changing the graphics settings like the resolution, frame rate and V-sync etc and none of them impacted the results.- I disabled all in-game overlays like Shadowplay, Uplay overlay, Steam overlay and disabled/removed the Xbox App.- Running the game, Steam and Uplay as administrator.- I've run chkdsk /f on startup with no problems reported.- I was unable to try a fix I saw about reinstalling DirectX and VCRedis via the support folder as those files are no longer in the support folder (I assume they dropped them from the install since they are out of date now?).

The one thing I did notice is every single time there is a crash, there is an event in Event Viewer:"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."Event ID: 4101Source: Display

It 100% looks like a graphics related issue but aside using DDU and tweaking the settings which I've already done I have no idea what I can do to fix it.

EDIT: A temporary workaround (at least so far still testing) was to specifically use Full Screen Borderless.


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