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Day 06/30 Watch_Dogs – Act 3: Missions 01-03

Content of the article: "Day 06/30 Watch_Dogs – Act 3: Missions 01-03"

WD Marathon – Day 06

Watch_Dogs – Act 3: Missions 01-03

Greetings Hackers! It’s time to meet Raymond Kenney, who will hopefully be able to decrypt Iraq’s data. He may not be immediately inclined to help though…


00 1/2 – Pawnee ctOS Control Center
Gain access to the ctOS in Pawnee.
01 – Hope is a Sad Thing
Track down Raymond Kenney and see if you can hold your liquor.
02 – A Pit of Paranoia
Identify and hack the two Blume security chiefs.
03 – Unstoppable Force
Take out the convoy before it reaches Blume.


You can complete the Pawnee ctOS Center quite easily without ever stepping foot in it. There’s a lone guard with a camera that will walk up right to the far away ctOS box.


Share your feelings about today’s missions in the comments below. What did you think? Talk about what you liked, what you disliked, and your general thoughts. Feel free to engage with others and ask questions of your own!

Being active in discussions will make you eligible for an official Marathon giveaway. More info in the 'Giveaway' section below.


Here is today's Fan Art of the Day.
Artist: FranziFroehlich

Featured Video:

Creator: HeySlickThatsMe


Ten lucky winners will each receive a set of four Watch Dogs: Legion pins!

To be eligible for the giveaway, you must comment on at least 15 separate threads. Replies to other comments count as well. Engaging in discussion with other Marathoners is strongly encouraged!

Your account must be older than the Day 01 post of this year's Marathon, and you will have to confirm your participation at the end of the Marathon by commenting on the final thread (The day after Day 30) using a keyword given in the post.

Please refer to our FAQ for additional details.


Tomorrow, on Day 07 of the Watch Dogs Marathon, we will infiltrate Blume and confront Iraq! This will wrap up Act 3.

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