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Here’s Everything We Know About Watch Dogs Legion

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Had to put this list up again following Clint's AMA, but for some reason Reddit wouldn't let me crosspost my original list from July.

•Developed by Ubisoft Toronto. Clint Hocking (Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) is the creative director for the game.

•Releases on October 29th, 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 and Stadia.

•DedSec is being framed by a terrorist organization called Zero Day that is responsible for a series of bombings across London. As a result, the government hires Albion which is a security corporation headed by shady CEO Nigel Cass. This puts DedSec in a position in which they have to clear their name while countering government oppression and surveillance.

•You can play as any NPC you encounter in the game, but some will need to be convinced to support DedSec.

•Each NPC comes with weapons specific to them as well as skillsets. The previously advertised class system from 2019 has essentially been tossed out. This means players can approach a situation any way they want, stealthy or guns blazing.

•EDIT 1: Per /u/Burke_of_Yorkshire, certain NPCs with uniforms (Albion security, construction workers, etc) will give you easier access to restricted areas than others.

•EDIT 2: Per /u/Burke_of_Yorkshire, weapons can be modded with suppressors or extended magazines.

•EDIT 3: Per /u/Burke_of_Yorkshire, characters will be able to do a Leap of Faith based on certain locations.

•EDIT 4: Per /u/Burke_of_Yorkshire, you will have a headquarters and can take pictures with your recruits.

•EDIT 5: Per /u/renboy2, many vehicles are autonomous so players can set them to auto drive like in the Assassin's Creed games (Origins and Odyssey).

•EDIT 6: Per /u/renboy2, if you recruit someone who has access to a certain shotgun and later on you recruit someone who has access to a different type of shotgun, you can switch the equipped shotgun to any type you want. Basically, as long as the NPC can use a certain class of tool or weapon, you can switch it to any same-class weapon/tool you unlocked via other NPCs.

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•EDIT 7: Per /u/renboy2, you can reskin weapons again via your HQ. Additionally, you can also reskin vehicles as well.

•EDIT 8: Per /u/cow_manguy, some NPCs will have specific animations unique to them depending on who they are. For example, street musicians will be able to beatbox.

•Some NPCs can be recruited through doing missions for the Clan Kelley criminal organization and their leader, Mary Kelley.

•You can blend in with your environments through using emotes. For example, if Albion chases you and there's a statue nearby you can pretend to be a statue so they'll run past you.

•There are 4 non-lethal weapons you can use regardless of if you're playing as a character who comes off the street with them or who use lethal weapons. You can basically decide if you want to do a non-lethal or lethal playthrough.

•The game will feature a Buroughs Uprising feature. As you play the game, there are missions where you can go to places in each borough, and once you've completed all of the challenges – to do propaganda, or to sabotage enemy equipment, or to rescue people who've been captured or held hostage – once you complete all of the pieces, then you get a custom mission with a big custom gameplay challenge to inspire the rest of the people to fully rise up and take the borough back. This is how you'll disable Albion's checkpoints throughout the city, garner support for DedSec from people that aren't as persuadable and rewards you with new recruits.

•Perma-death has been changed. Players will have the ability to opt out of it if they would like. Otherwise, their characters will be put on a time before they can be re-used if they are killed or put in the hospital. If they are arrested, certain other recruits may be used to speed up that countdown.

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•Permadeath is a separate setting outside of easy difficulty and above and will not be present in the game's multiplayer, per Clint Hocking.

•Stephen Barton (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall 2) will do the soundtrack for Watch Dogs Legion, per an AMA with Clint Hocking.

•There were characters who have a trait where they might die suddenly, which is still present in the game. Even in the non-permadeath version of the game, there are some characters who are doomed, or who could die suddenly or randomly, or would be more likely to be killed from their injuries. There's a very small number of them, and that is clearly advertised on their character profiles so you'll have to make careful decisions in arranging a team.

•The season pass has been revised. Early access has been removed. In its stead, Ubisoft has announced that it will come with free access to two story DLCs, 4 unique operatives, a special Dedsec vehicle skin, and 3 extra side missions (Guardian Protocol, Swipe Right, and Not in our name). Additionally, season pass holders will have free access to the Complete Edition of Watch Dogs.

•All pre-orders of the game come with the Lux Car Skin, Uneasy Lies Mask Skin, and the Serpent Sisters Gun Skin.

•Ubisoft has confirmed there will be "legendary recruits" which means we may see iconic characters from previous Watch Dogs games in Legion. Could also come from other Ubisoft franchises, but that hasn't been clarified yet

•Playstation 4/XB1 players will receive a free upgrade to the PS5/XSX version of the game. If they have a PS4/XB1 disc copy, they can access the digital version of it on next gen consoles by simply inserting it in them.

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