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I kinda wish there was more to do in the safehouse.

Content of the article: "I kinda wish there was more to do in the safehouse."

I got legion for christmas and i'm absolutely loving it! It's actually in my top 10 games of 2020 imo.

But there is one thing that I kinda wished was improved a bit and that's the safehouse. I love it when video games have a safehouse/hideout/secret base etc that you can go back and upgrade and interact with other npcs etc but I felt the safehouse didn't quite reach the potential. Apart from the first time in the safehouse and the game missions I felt no reason to go back much atm, I hope in future updates they included more reasons like:

  1. More non playable character NPCs (like Kaitlin, Nowt, Hamish etc) we're getting free missions in the future so why not each one come with a new mission giver to join our safehouse.

  1. Arena fighting missions, i'm not quite far in the main story but i've heard apart from the tutorial the boxing ring isn't used again, maybe in a free update gives us side missions for the boxing ring.

  1. More of our NPCs in the base, I have about 20 recruits so far but i'm a little disappointed not all are in the safehouse at the same time, makes the place lifeless tbh.

  1. Upgrade/customize the safehouse. Maybe we can have the option to increase the size of the safehouse or add more sections or buy and customize furniture etc.
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  1. Have some minigames in the safehouse, maybe some completely new ones.

  1. Have the recruits interact with the safehouse and each other more. Have them walk around, have some training in the boxing ring, haveone reading a book on a seat or two having a drink and chat together etc.

  1. Let us put some music on.

  1. And finally for me the most important: have our recruits wear the custom outfits while they're not playable. I was really disappointed when I changed a character to see our characters don't stay in the clothes we put them in and go back to default.


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