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I know it’s a bit late, but OMG THAT CYBERDRIVER MISSION!! >:(

Content of the article: "I know it’s a bit late, but OMG THAT CYBERDRIVER MISSION!! >:("


I know WD2 has been out for years, but I just started playing it again… And now I'm stopping again, possibly for good. The mission where you steal the CyberDriver car is so frustrating, it's not worth the rest of the amazing game. I was having so much fun coming up with cool ways to solve puzzles and sneaking around and using hacks, but that mission is the least fun thing that I've spent this much time on. The police system in this game is objectively bad. Personally, it's extremely unfun. I simply can't escape them. I can sometimes escape the cars, but when I stop in a secluded spot to lose the chopper, the cars are back on me WAY before I have a chance to lose the chopper. This isn't even something small and understandable. The devs/playtesters are entirely at fault for letting this infamously frustrating mission through. Because of the multiplayer aspect (meaning they purposefully didn't include game-bypassing content), I don't even have cheats or the ability to use someone else's save file to bypass this mission. It's not necessarily that I don't want to play the rest of the game, I ***can't*** play the rest of the game. Come on Ubisoft, this was an ***obviously horrible mission*** and it's disappointing how bad this mission is. And before y'all say "git gud", I know I'm not amazing at the game, but my past experiences with WD2 and games in general assure me that I'm not THAT bad. It's partly my fault, but the vast majority of the blame lies with the mission itself. Thanks for listening. It's probably about time to uninstall.

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