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I think Aiden’s ending in WD1 is very fitting if you play as a menace to Chicago

Content of the article: "I think Aiden’s ending in WD1 is very fitting if you play as a menace to Chicago"

Some things beforehand:

  1. I killed people randomly, my karma was on "Menace" (meaning people feared me and called the police when they saw me)

  2. I did SOME stealth, appreciated it, but also liked to play it as a cover shooter with no remorse or regards for lives.

  3. I killed Maurice.

What a lot of people don't like about Aiden Pearce is that he is a hypocrite. His revenge quest in order to avenge Lena is just really questionable. Even if you play as a pacifist, Nicole has to leave Chicago, Aiden is still partially at fault for Lena's death as he had the plan for Merlaut and paid for it and people die from ctOS outtages caused by Damien near the end (don't tell me those exploding pipes didn't hurt anyone at least)

My understanding of Aiden is that he is a sociopath. Sure, the way I played the game contributed to it, but I found the ending of the story very fitting with this in mind. He didn't care as much about Lena dying as he did about the fact that he himself was at fault. He lacks complete empathy for people and ignores Nicole's pleads to stop investigating her death. The fact that I went through the entire game as a menace to society just really contributes to it: Aiden doesn't give a shit about other people's lives, only himself. Maurice even calls him selfish before I decided to shoot him.

Aiden has a final line that I really like:

How many people have I hurt? Killed? Who deserves to die?

I see this as Aiden reflecting on his own hypocrisy. The Aiden in my playthrough killed so many guards, security, officers etc. just doing their jobs, just to find out who tried to shoot him and accidentally hit Lena. He is AWARE of it, and yet he does it.

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If you leave Maurice alive, Aiden says that the both of them deserve a second chance in life. I disagree. Aiden has effectively ruined both the lives of his family and friends that helped him along the way (Clara for example died as part of his quest, which by the way, he doesn't mourn that much about… very fitting imo) and should be aware that there is no second chance for him. Chicago wanting him dead in the end is just so perfect for me. He fucked up big time with his family, dragged them into danger and people died. If you play Aiden as a good guy, these things still happen. Its only fitting to me that as a result, Aiden fucked up everything else too, and comes to terms that there is no end to it. If you play Aiden as a hero of Chicago and let Maurice live, it doesn't make much sense to me, or at least I can't make sense of it. He would basically be hailed as a hero regardless of his fuckups regarding the Merlaut plan and Lena's death, Clara's death AND having to make Nicole leave town.

His final lines indicate to me that he might not have really learned his lesson. Of course, people would rather have him as a hero, but given the stuff that he actually did do wrong regardless of what kind of Aiden you play, I like him better as a menace.

(let me know if I missed anything or if my assessment is flawed. i would very much like to know)

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Of to Watch_Dogs 2! From what I heard, Marcus is worse as a character? Already really diggin the graphics!


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