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I’m building a WD1 Hideout in real life, I need ideas.

Content of the article: "I’m building a WD1 Hideout in real life, I need ideas."

I've got this crazy idea that's grabbed me and won't let go. I'm going to buy a couple shipping containers and make a home exactly like the hideouts in Watch_Dogs. I'm thinking a main unit with an attached container for parking. From above, it'll look like a Tetris S-block. I'll update this list with what I think of and what gets talked about here:

  • Like in the game, I want full stealth. I plan on having a sliding container door on the outside, no handles or keyholes, and set it up for total remote operation. This company has a motor controller that seems perfect for what I need: wireless control via remote, bluetooth, and wifi. Who knows, maybe I can piggyback on those options and rig up even more entry methods like biometrics or a keypad.
  • The parking container will incorporate a car elevator and stairway to an underground area beneath the whole thing where I'll keep my utilities (water, electricity) and charge my electric car. The staircase may or may not be hidden with a motorized trap door-like mechanism.
  • I want a glass roof with a rolling shutter on the outside that can be closed to adjust the amount of light. I'd line the beams between the windows with LEDs.
  • I'll incorporate air conditioning, and the vent will lead out to a hinged outer panel that can be closed in the winter.
  • Off-grid electricity, I'm thinking solar panels on the garage container. Also, geothermal heating/cooling.
  • Cameras watching the perimeter. LiDAR, infrared, motorized pan and tilt, the works.
  • Wireless-controlled panels for storage in the underground portion. Hide the utilities and other goodies away and keep everything pristine and elegant.
  • A place to launch and land a drone from that moves from indoors to outdoors, somehow.
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But I need ideas that'll make this thing even better. Lay some crazy shit on me, guys. What would you put in a secret spy/hacker hideout?

Of course I'm going to post photos and video when I'm done with it, but right now it's time to shoot for the moon. What y'all got?


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