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Just started WatchDogs 1 and wow!

Content of the article: "Just started WatchDogs 1 and wow!"

It's been almost 7 years since I played Watch Dogs 1. I did so on its release back in 2014 on the PS3. I never finished the game but remember enjoying my time with it. I guess I get distracted by new games easily or at least I did back then but I decided to give it another try after starting up Watch Dogs 2, enjoying it but also realizing I wanted to start from the beginning.

The biggest surprise when starting it up on my PS4 Pro was the graphics. I remember the huge controversy at its release was it's short delay of 6 months and then its graphical downgrade from its E3 trailer… wouldn't that be nice if that was gaming's biggest problem now, a short delay and a little graphics downgrade to make sure the game runs smooth lol. Looking back it seems the games graphical downgrade was what's all too common now, sliced up piece of gameplay is shown at max specs and once the games fully packaged, they realize the whole package cant run smoothly at max specs so its turned down. With that said, this game running on my PS4 Pro, looks about like it did on its then famous E3 trailer. A better looking game than even Watch Dogs 2 and Legion in my opinion. Of course that's just preference. I prefer Watch Dogs 1 then 2 then Legion but a lot of that is art design and the cities themselves, seeing as I'm from Chicago and also Lived in California for a few years, those cities capture my heart more than foggy London towns.

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The other surprising part of the series as a whole was the direction it went with its story or lack thereof. Watch Dogs 1 was a dark tone, a serious story about losing a loved one and fighting for justice or revenge dependingon your viewpoint. Watch Dogs 2 changed that by lightening the tone and having you play as a hacker fighting the system, when he wasn't getting drunk at a beach party. Legion took it even further in that direction and pulled what I call a SR3 (Saints Row 3), they left the serious writing behind and said, hey serious story writing is hard to do well but a parkouring grandma with a dildo bat is a cheap laugh that always works… Ok so I guess that makes it clear what my preference is for story telling. The silly stuff can be amusing momentarily but if you want to pull me thru a big open world with lots to do, I have to care about progressing the story.

All in all I'm really impressed with how well Watch Dogs 1 not only holds up but still stands above many modern games. It wasn't afraid to tell a dark personal story, it took chances with new gameplay mechanics and the graphics 7 years later look like it could have been released this year. The graphics, story, and gameplay are still worth a play in 2021 if you're looking for an open world game or just started with Legion and curious about the roots of Watch Dogs.

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