Watch Dogs

my ranking of the watch dogs series (plus a review of all the games)

WD2: 8.5/10
WD1: 8/10
WDL 7/10 (maybe 6 or 6.5 idk)

after completing the first 2 (mostly main missions and very little side content. didn't complete any dlc missions yet) and playing the third one for 9 hrs (i dont hate the game and i do plan on playing it more but i just wanted to get this out of the way quick) i think i can confidently say that this is where my list stands.

WD2: i think out of all the watch dogs games i've had the most fun with this one. story wise, 2 has a more light hearted story compared to the first (i dont think the story of the first game is bad pls dont come at me in the comments) and is more funny. the gameplay is better imo. first off with the actual stealth. the stealth in 2 is so much better imo. instead of getting a silenced pistol at the start which can one shot headshot at a very far distance AND having an ability that makes it way easier for you to do so (focus), you're given a taser at the start. the tazer has one shot before you have to reload (you know how tasers work) and at a certain range it becomes ineffective. and yes i do know that you're able to buy a silenced pistol in this game BUT you dont get it really early (or for free) like in WD1 and it has other things that make it more balanced out (like less bullets). now on the other parts of gameplay (like the shooting, driving, etc). imo wd2 easily steals the show here. you have an rc car (ik it's not a car but the name is escaping me rn so fuck off) and an rc drone, which works really well with the stealth. and you can even upgrade them for things like with the drone you can scan people and they become marked permanently. i like this much better than the gadget in wd1 where it just reveals every enemy. the driving is a great upgrade compared to the first game. in the first game i rarely ever used cars unless i have to. the melee in wd2 is……. mixed for me. i like the actual melee weapon markus is given because imo an 8ball attached to a string to make some sort of yo-yo type weapon is way cooler than a baton, so that alone makes the melee takedowns in wd2 automatically better to me. however…… wd2 removed something i really enjoyed about wd1. and that's the gun takedowns. i understand that in wd2 dedsec tries to go for a "non lethal approach" (at least from what i've heard) but that kind of confuses me as to why you're then able to purchase lethal weapons in the fucking dedsec section of weapons. (ok so while i was making this post i remembered that there's dlc that gives you a taser sniper and a non lethal shotgun. and while this is good, it's locked behind dlc so even if this does make my whole point pointless, it's still dumb that you have to pay real money just to stick with the non lethal theme) speaking of this whole lethal thing, wouldn't it make sense to add some sort of reputation thing in wd2? i mean i hated the reputation system in wd1 since if i ever went on a murder spree like i do in other open world games i'd have to deal with bullshit, but i think they could've done something better with the system in wd2. like in missions if you ever kill a guard then at the end of the mission it will be reported, and in the end it can show that news thing (you know what im talking about) and it kinda shows as your mission stats? take hitman blood money for example (if you've played this then you'll understand). in hitman blood money, it shows a news paper at the end of your mission to show how well you did. shit like "the suspect fired 8 rounds" or something like that (i haven't played blood money in a long time so i kinda forgot what they say). anyway, if you go for a more lethal / violent approach then your reputation becomes worse and therefore more bad things will happen. like gangs might be more hostile towards you, or random people on the street will try to fight you or try to hit your car. something like that. ANYWAY, back to the original topic. yeah they took out gun takedowns in wd2 and i really miss that. the parkour in wd2 is AMAZING and the best in the series imo. the mp3 player was a really nice touch BUT they dont really have many songs that i know / enjoy on there so i guess that kinda retracts the point i was about to give? idk if WD2 had that feature AND had WD1's music then that would be a HUGE plus, but because there's little music that i actually know or enjoy i dont really use the feature much at all. also, let's touch a bit more on the actual hacking (since that's kind of what this game is about right?). imo wd2 easily has the best hacking by far. wd1s hacking was ok but wd2 improved a lot on it. they expanded on the hacks you could already do (like forklifts) and adding new ones (like those trucks that have those tracks on them).

WD1: where do i start? i guess the main character. aiden pearce. his character is really great and probably my favorite main protagonist in the series. the side characters are also great too (jordi is my favorite). i already stated this in the WD2 segment but the music in this game is so much better. even for the music / artists i don't know (satellite by echo droides is a fucking vibe). day n nite and feds watching have to be my favorite and satellite is great too. while wd1 isn't as good as 2 when it comes to gameplay, it still has some strong elements. like the focus ability. i know you're probably scratching your head since i just implied that focus was partially what made stealth worse in this game but if you aren't going for stealth……… focus is fucking great. the videos i've watched of a guy throwing a grenade, going into focus, and then shooting that grenade to blow it up right in the middle of a group of enemies is badass (yes i know it's pointless because you can just use a c4 but it's cool as fuck and the game gets points for it anyway so fuck you). one HUGE negative of the gameplay though is that you can't use guns in a car…… and yes i know that you can use hacks for car takedowns and it IS cool as fuck but A: shooting while driving is kind of a staple in gta like games, B: when you aren't in an area where you can use hacks to stop vehicles and your enemies start ramming you, you're kinda fucked for a bit, and C: if you run out of charge you can't hack anymore (well you cant hack most things) for a while so once again you're fucked for a bit. this was a huge downside for me but at the same time vehicle combat isn't really present most of the time and if you're smart enough to upgrade your charge then vehicle combat wont be too much of an issue. now let's talk about the missions. this is something where wd1 easily outshines wd2. mission variety. in wd2, 99% of your missions are stealth. and while the stealth is better, it can get boring sometimes having to do the same shit. now there is some variety in wd2 (like when you find out that the fbi is stalking you, or when you get revenge on the tezcas after they killed horation. RIP) but wd1 does it better. there are vehicle chases, you lead other characters into safety without them getting caught, you stop certain people from getting from point A to point B, hell there are even boss fight type missions with defalt, iraq, and aidens old parter and his name is escaping me rn. i will say though i only really enjoyed the default one. the other two were really fucking annoying. iraq was just a beefed up armor guy and other enemies spawn while you're fighting him (sometimes even behind you) AND you're in a small space. so the only way to really kill him is through explosives, but you have to A: make sure other people aren't behind you and B: you aren't near the explosives. also, i died countless times during this mission. and there's nothing wrong with that, but the problem comes from the fact that every time you die in the iraq boss battle you have to sit through a bunch of long dialoge every single fucking time. if i could just skip dialogue or if ubisoft made the simple, yet great choice to not make me go through it every fucking time i die then i wouldn't have as much of an issue. also, wether you win or lose this boss fight is kind of a little luck dependent because he spawns in different locations every time. hell one time he even spawned behind me. i only won the fight because he spawned in a place where i could easily spam explosives at him while he was down. and the boss fight of aidens partner was annoying because of the stupid wanted system. in this mission his partner fucks with you in the same way that defalt does but way more annoying because he gets the cops after you. and it's not just the normal thing where it spawns a couple green areas that can be easily avoided. he spawns a million of them to the point where it's impossible to avoid. so you pretty much will have the cops after you during this mission. i understand that this was the last main mission and it's supposed to be challenging but there's a difference between a challenge and a fucking time sink and oh boy was this mission an annoying time sink. anyway enough bitching and onto the other shit (i promise i like this game but jesus there's a lot of flaws). this segment is already getting long as fuck so let me quickly go through some of the other things. wd1 has a weapon wheel which is something that both other wd games dont have for some reason. this is probably one of the biggest udsides to wd1 because you can use so many weapons on the spot instead of having to go to your hideout (or character menu) to change it all the time. this was especially a problem for me in wd2 because in some missions i wanted to use different weapons (like in the missions where i get revenge on the tezcas for killing horatio i wanted to get a grenade launcher and an lmg) and it was such a fucking chore. i would've liked it better if you could just choose one of each type of weapon. like one grenade launcher, one sniper, etc.

WDL: overhated imo. sure it's the worst in the series but it still has some good things going for it. let me go over the negatives that everyone and their grandma has said.

1: the voice acting sucks: i agree the voice acting is dogshit

2: they took out a lot of the fun things from previous games: yeah this is valid too.

3: the open world looks ugly: i mean it doesn't really bother me but i guess it's more of a prefrence thing. some reviewers said the open world is ugly as shit and others have said it looks good.

4: the characters look ugly as shit: yeah this is true too. the only character that looks good imo is mina and she's a dlc character. now this is kinda the part where ubisoft has fucked up the most since if the focus of your game is to play as anyone……….. and almost everyone looks like this……. then there's a problem.

5: the game is buggy as hell and crashes all the time: now for this i'll say it's partially true. i do see some buggy things from time to time but it doesn't really happen too much. in my 9 hours of play time i've only seen like 3 or 4 buggy things. and my game never crashed once (and im playing on a budget gaming laptop so i expected to be crashing the most). so either ubisoft fixed this before i got the game or im lucky i guess.

the story and characters are ass: yeah it is. and honestly i don't think this game was meant to be a story driven game (it still doesn't excuse the story being ass but my point is that it probably wasn't even the main focus of the game). to me the game was most likely meant for gameplay so i treated it as such and ignored the story and just played the missions. and while doing that i had a blast. however, the stealth (kinda a staple in the watch dogs games) is kinda……….. bad. especially when you get the spy. the game becomes easy as hell. and while this is a downside in the stealth part, it's also an upside in the general combat. a lot of the characters in this game make you feel like a badass while playing and are just fun as hell to use. flying in with a cargo drone feels badass (but kinda feels like cheating ngl). the DRIVING however…. where the fuck did we go wrong? i always considered the driving in watch dogs games to be serviceable to good but wdl fucked up. and it's all because of the camera. this is the same shit that took me out of the saints row games. the camera always follows where your car is facing and coming from a gta background, it's annoying as fuck. thank god for the autodrive feature though. not gonna lie the autodrive feature is kind of underrated. like people just look at it and say "oh that's cool" and never use it but i use it a lot. whenever i want to go make food or i have to do something and im going to a far destination (and you're gonna be doing that a lot with some of the missions in this game) i just turn on autodrive and fuck off and do something for a bit. watch youtube, get on discord with my friends, etc. the character customization in this game is the best in the series (something people dont ever talk about for some reason). you can customize your hair style, hair color, tattoes, nails, and pretty much everything. and with aiden and wrench coming into the game i can imagine the cool shit i can wear. one thing i heavily dislike is the weapons, mainly the weapon choice you are given. i swear with each and every watch dogs game that releases the weapon choices become worse. weapons are more restricted than ever now. some weapons are locked to certain characters. and yeah the shock weapons (other than the stun gun) are universal but they aren't even as good as the normal ones. and while we're on the topic of weapons, the fucking spy. guess where im going with this one? the spy has the same problem that i had with the first wd game with the silenced pistol but now it's even better because it has more ammo and is more accurate at range AND the character that is able to use this weapon is overpowered as fuck. now once again, this is dogshit for stealth, but good for combat. that's actually watch dogs legion in a nutshell. you can go do what you want but if you want good stealth gameplay you will be heavily disappointed because it's easy as hell. especially if you have the perk where knocking out an enemy turns them invisible. but anyway, speaking of gadgets and abilities, they're fun as hell. the spiders and invisibility cloak are probably my favorite right now. mainly the combat spider because i didnt fully upgrade my default spider yet. the combat spider is probably gonna be the most useful gadget though because in a review i watched, one valid complaint said that most of the time you're gonna be using the spider bot because a lot of the tech points you need to obtain are only availible in areas where you need a spider bot to get to. either way if you already have everything you want / aren't interested in tech points that much then this wont bother you as much. now let's get to the melee combat. i'll first start with knockouts / takedown animations. i LOVE the fact that they brought back gun takedowns. and they look cool as fuck. and some of the old people have funny shotgun takedown animations that i love. the normal / character specific takedowns are also cool. mina mind controlling an enemy to make them knock themselves out, old people using a taser to slowly and calmly taze people (it's funny as fuck), brawler type characters punching the fuck out of people, it's all great and i love what ubisoft did with this. now let's go to the actual melee combat and this is…….. mixed for me. now for one i actually like the fact that there's a melee combat system instead of in the previous watch dogs games you can knock people out by just pressing the f button twice. however, the melee combat is……. not great. not bad but it's basic. there's punch button, a shield break button, and a dodge and counter attack. and speaking of counter attack, they really didn't do good in that area. the counter attacks look the same so doing that over and over again feels boring. the knock out animations are cool though and the different melee weapons some characters have are also good (kinda wish you had the option to take it off though ngl). i also like how the police in this game are able to toggle the "arrest" feature. so instead of knocking people out you just arrest them. it's pretty funny but dont try this in stealth missions because if another enemy finds them then they'll just be free and you'll have people on your ass. also, another criticism i've seen some people throw out was that the game feels dead because the npcs dont do shit and that's far from the truth. either these people were just speed running the main game and didn't notice anything while taking short glances at the side or they're blatantly lying. there are people getting killed by clan kelly members, people protesting, sex workers standing in street corners, people gathering around live statues, albion guards harassing citizens and citizens fighting back against albion gaurds, and more. also one more thing i want to touch on. the watch dogs games are inconsistent as hell when it comes to controls. like for example the weapon wheel. in wd 1 the weapon wheel was assigned to the tabs button. in wd2 it was q and now in wdl it's x. i don't know if it's the same for controllers because i dont own a playstation (anymore) or an xbox but on pc ubisoft needs to make a decision and fucking stick to it when it comes to the button mapping. anyway, there's more shit i'd like to talk about in all these games but A: im not a completionist so i didnt complete EVERY game through and through (side content, dlc missions, etc) and B: im tired as fuck and started this shit since this morning.

in conclusion: the watch dogs series is good lol. and if i made any typos then feel free to make fun of me in the comments.


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