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Non-lethal vs Lethal

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From a gameplay mechanics perspective is there any real benefit from using Non-lethal over lethal? Mostly in regards to the enemies (Albion and Clan Kelly) and not civilians.

Enemies already spawn with 1 thumb down and even non-lethal attacks add an additional thumb down. I heard it is possible (not guaranteed?) to recruit double thumbed down people but its way bigger hassle then a standard deep profile mission. Either way it leaves them in the recruitment pool to be encountered again.

The Lethal option on the other hand completely removes them from the population. When a new enemy spawns they should always be recruitable since that spouse/partner/friend relationship should only roll on the existing population.

A few things I noticed.

1) The relationship angle should apply to both non-lethal and lethal as friend/partner/spouse both go down with injury or death. I have also been accosted on the street twice, once for killing their spouse and the other for injuring their business partner. Both scenarios played out the same. Also, killing an already recruited operative's spouse/friend/partner doesn't seem to have any consequences

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2) Then theres kidnapping, I killed every enemy and a large amount of civilians since the beginning of the game and I have had 2 kidnappings. The first kidnapping was for injuring someones friend which would make it seem like non-lethal doesn't really spare you from this either. Kidnapping frequency also really isnt all that high. I have a theory that your only suppose to have 1 kidnapped operative at a time since I never bothered rescuing my operative and I still only have 1 kidnapped. People on the reddit have confirmed that it can happen twice before rescuing but it replaces the mission to rescue the first operative and if a second operative is kidnapped then your first kidnapped operative that is no longer rescuable. This is obviously a bug but not sure if its because the mission or if you were never suppose to have more than 1 kidnapped at a time.


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