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Online is literally unplayable

So, I've been playing WDL Online for over a month, and it's currently riddled with bugs and glitches that greatly affect gameplay. I will list out all of them. – Co-op missions are a mess. Enemies don't spawn on your end, invisible enemies inflict damage on you, you suddenly get downed even though no one was shooting, and somehow enemies telepathically know where you are and shoot you out of nowhere. – Tactical Ops are completely unplayable. Same problems mentioned from above, but they added in random Chase drones and Riot Drones spawning out of thin air and are hostile toward you like they're Cyberpunk 2077's police, making missions 3, 4, and 5 impossible to complete because drones are shooting at you and tear gas everywhere. – In addittion to this, the Giant's Lair Tactical Op is so bugged that it even interferes with Co-op missions. When a player leaves the session this mission starts to play during a completely irrelevant one. This causes Acutator drones (Plasma purge drones) to spawn randomly arpund the map, making those annoying beeping noises, even the missile warnings. Not to mention the mission objectives and prompts play out, like the attempts you have left, terminals active, and the notification that you ran out of time. Even the voice that says there's an imminent plasma burst. Topping it all off, Goggmagog's health bar appears in the distance. -Freemode is even worse. You get that annoying "Nigel Cass" healthbar from under the Tower of London that won't go away. And sometimes after exiting a mission, peds flee or attempt to hide from you for no reason, and Albion/Clan Kelley start shooting at you like you have a million dollar bounty on you. Even the hostile riot drones that start spawning like Cyberpunk's police appear in freemode. Bloodhounds also appear in the same spot in the Tactical Op, but they aren't hostile.

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Ubisoft needs to fix all these ASAP, hopefully in the next update. Multiplayer is ok so far, but these things desperately need to be patched.


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