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Rank the storylines from best to worst for Watch Dogs Legion

Here is my personal ranking

  1. Skye Larsen’s Storyline. This entire chapter was the best in the game (in my opinion), I had very little problem with it and I genuinely had a great time while playing through it. Skye was probably the only villain with a proper backstory, and unlike the others she isn’t a completely evil asshole. She aims to create a new technology that can immortalize a person, she uploads their mind to an AI and therefore they will never technically die. The problem is, she also aims to exploit these people and bend them to their will. The story of Skye’s mother was honestly horrifying and the entire mission in her home was my personal favorite of the entire game. Overall, Skye gets an A!!! I wish the choice at the end had consequences, but either way I’m just glad they gave us a choice so that we can decide what OUR character would do in such a scenario.

  2. Mary Kelley Storyline. During my play through, I made up this little detail involving one of my character having a sibling who died after joining Clan Kelley. As a result, my opinion may be shifted or altered and may not be the same as players who just speeded through without role playing. This storyline was quite disturbing, it involves Mary Kelley and her human trafficking business, she also apparently forces some people to become her servant and enslave them? Mary Kelley is arguably the most evil character in the game. While Nigel, Skye, Richard And Sabine had a reasoning behind their action, Mary Kelley was mostly doing this simply because she’s a sadistic bitch. This chapter felt a lot like the first game tone-wise, even down to the theme of human trafficking.

  3. Zero-Day Storyline. This chapter basically wraps everything up, it ties up mostly everything that has happened so far in the story and shows how every chapter and every villain connected back to Zero Day in a way. I wasn’t very shocked about the reveal, I had sort of known in the back of my mind that it’d be Sabine, but what I WAS shocked by was when we had to kill Bagley. I admit that in the beginning, I never found Bagley funny, I didn’t hate him but didn’t adore him either. But in the end, I kinda grew to tolerate his jokes and I sort of felt attached to him, so while it wasn’t very emotional for me (I kinda got spoiled about his return) it was still rather somber, and my character’s reaction kinda got to me. This chapter overall is pretty good, I used my first character for the majority of this chapter, and strangely enough this chapter made me love my character a lot more. First off, I finally found out about gun-kata in this chapter and it was badass watching my ex-military operative kicking ass. Secondly, that same operative mentioned the words “Watch Dogs” at the end to Sabine…fucking awesome, I know that dialogues are different for each operatives, so it’s great to know that my character ended up dropping the title.

  4. Albion Storyline. This chapter isn’t particularly bad, it just wasn’t as good as the other chapters. Nigel Cass himself isn’t a bad concept, a crazed but manipulative and malicious man who controls an entire city. Sadly, Nigel was incredibly underdeveloped and we knew almost nothing about him until the very end right before he dies. While Mary Kelley also had no development, she was just naturally evil and fun to watch, meanwhile, Nigel was an intimidating figure but wasn’t fun to watch on his own, we needed to know more about his motivations, the fact that he’s crazy isn’t enough to make him interest me. The chapter itself wasn’t very bad, I liked the infiltration mission and the escape through the catacombs made me shit my pants. The final boss was also quite fun albeit incredibly easy. If given more development over time rather than at the very end, Nigel Cass could’ve been a great and sympathetic villain

  5. Richard Malik/SIRs Storyline. This chapter is by all means not bad, but it’s also not good either. This chapter was the only one where the main villain doesn’t die, and I’m perfectly fine with that. The villain of this chapter, Richard Malik, probably had the most interaction with Dedsec (besides Sabine), and he was a real asshole. Richard is an okay character, he wasn’t horrible but I didn’t really like him either. Emily Child was not really interesting and I didn’t get too invested until after the reveal. When my crack-head operative got kidnapped, I was actually surprised and was excited. Sadly, our operative is just handed back to us later on, I was honestly hoping for some prison break mission like on the first game. When Richard’s betrayal was revealed, I was also shocked. Despite all that, the first half of the chapter was not very interesting at all, the most exciting thing that happened in that first half was when my fashion-loving character had sex with someone… The chapter really picked up its pace and tension after Richard truly betrays us, but even then the chapter gets quite frustrating at times and sometimes instructions are quite unclear throughout this chapter, leaving me to fumble around. Overall, not a bad chapter but I personally felt more frustration than anything while playing through this mission.

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