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some “hidden” mechanics in legion that I wished I knew sooner

Content of the article: "some “hidden” mechanics in legion that I wished I knew sooner"

There are a few mechanics in legion that I didn't know about until I was like 75% done with the game, so I'd thought I'd share them so other people can play around with them for longer.

  • air takedowns: they're a bit imprecise, and they doesn't use the normal input for a takedown, but if you just drop down from a ledge above an enemy, you'll automatically perform a unique takedown on them as you land.

  • shooting while driving: seems obvious, but I didn't realise you could do this because I played with a controller, and you have to press up on the d-pad to get your weapon out in a car, even if you had the weapon drawn while you entered it.

  • opening gates: you can open gates and doors with two methods other than hacking- 1, you can shoot the red boxes that doors are connected to, and 2, you can taunt enemies (using emotes) on the other side of a door/gate which causes them to open the door to get to you and attack you.

  • Resetting melee attack chains: this is less of a hidden mechanic, and more of a tip- don't always finish melee combos. If you land one or two hits in a row, instead of doing a finisher, you can pause for a second and then attack again to reset the attack chain. This and can allow you to get an extra hit or two in, and often can catch an enemy trying to grab you during the pause.

  • cancelling a melee attack or grab with a dodge: you can cancel the start of attack and grab animations with dodges, so you don't have to wait your turn in combat. Just play very aggressive, and press dodge when the enemy winds up a hit, even if you're in the middle of an attack chain.

Hope those tips are helpful to someone, and pls share any additional stuff you found, cos I'm always interested in finding more subtle mechanics in games!

edit: – just found out a new option: you can toggle clothes like jackets to be opened or closed, and hoods to go up or down. Input is square on ps4 when you're customising your clothes. I thought it was just random lol


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