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Something feels off.

Content of the article: "Something feels off."

EDIT: I elaborated more in the comments on a reply, so I will post those points at the bottom of this edit.

Full disclosure: I am an absolute mega-fan of the Watch_Dogs series. When the first one caught a ton of flack I viciously defended it even amidst the true flaws it had, and I absolutely adored the second to bits. I've platinumed both titles and waited eagerly for Legion, diving in the moment that it arrived.

My issues with Legion do not in any way shape or form focus on the current state of the PC performance (I previously play WD1+2 on PS4 but am now on PC). The issues that I have stem from the fact something just feels… off. It feels incredibly oversimplified in a sense, like how Skyrim was to Oblivion. It feels like a portion of the hacking components were stripped clean and the challenge removed from them.

They also removed traffic-light manipulation which was something I loved to dick around with, and on top of it… It just feels, floaty I guess? While I think the combat was improved for gunplay, I feel like everything else was somewhat stripped back from the refinement of Watch_Dogs 2. I knew Legion would be divisive based on the lack of a proper character-centric story with the way the recruitment system worked, but I feel that it's far more than just the story that we lost in the process of this title.

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I'm still going to stick by playing it in an effort to get through the story that's there and because I genuinely adore the franchise, but I'll admit I'm somewhat disappointed in what we got.


  • Point acknowledged for traffic-lights, still stands as the removal of a feature that many people enjoyed.
  • The entire game feels floaty. The weight of movement feels decreased and there is a quality degradation to free-running, especially in regards to individual animation and character rigging.
  • The Tech Tree was over-simplified and to be honest feels like they stripped away most of the really cool tech elements to direct too much focus onto drone technology.
  • The story feels jagged and out of place in multiple parts. For example, the opening was incredibly cinematic and felt absolutely brilliant, right after it you're suddenly thrust into this random character in London with little to no initial backstory outside of Zero-Day hurting DedSec and you need to find this base. This guy just suddenly after 6 months ups and joins DedSec at random with almost no subcontext.
  • Driving feels way more chaotically floaty. It feels way too easy to control vehicles now, as if they're made of jelly practically. There's no weight to it, and in my opinion it ruined motorcycles in the game for me.
  • They simplified the difficulty by making it far easier than before to hack cameras and gain viewpoints into other rooms.
  • Degradation in AI quality, more times than not the AI can see me yet not trip their alarms, making stealth piss-easy with little to no challenge to it.
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