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The one glaring problem with WD3 is the weapons.

Content of the article: "The one glaring problem with WD3 is the weapons."

If there was one single problem I would say is the worst bit of the game, I would say it is the weapons. Unless Ubisoft update and overhaul the weapon system, I think it is making my experience kinda unenjoyable. The main problems are:

A. Lack of choice for most operators. Characters with no special weapon are stuck with only 4 different weapons. Those 4 are all good weapons, but the shooting is so boring and repetitive using a hacker or a getaway driver that I am basically forced into using a spy, Hitman, or an Albion contractor. A way to quickly make this system better would be that recruiting an operative with Non-lethal special weapon unlocks it for all operators. Let me use The LTL MCX on anyone once I unlock it. It would still give a purpose to operators with those weapons, while I can use more weapons on all my operators. Its a Win-Win.

B. Lack of weapons. There are 3 Lethal rifles (G36, Ak47, P308) in the Game, + 2 Non-Lethals (LTL MCX, LTL Goblin). There are 2 Lethal SMGs (Vector, MP5) and 3 Non-Lethal (LTL MP7, LTL MP9, LTL ?). 5 pistols, 3 grenade launchers, No sniper rifles, and three shotguns. Compare this to WD1 where you had 8 Rifles, 5 smgs, 2 Grenade launchers, 3 sniper rifles, 5 shotguns, 10 pistols, Grenades, C4, Focus, Multiple Op hacks. In watchdogs 2 you have fewer weapons, but all of them have cool designs and special hacking bullets. This could also be fixed quickly, by porting in weapons from the previous games or reskinning the existing non-lethal weapons like the Goblin.

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C. Weapon bugs. The Clan Kelley and Albion Explosive Elites both have a weapon duo which is APGL + M9, however, the weapon listing is APGL + MP9, a weapon that isn't even in the game.

In conclusion, I really want this changed and I hope when online is released, it will be overhauled.


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