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Thoughts on Bagley’s storyline?

Content of the article: "Thoughts on Bagley’s storyline?"

In case anyone decides to ignore the spoiler tag, this post talks about the ending of the game and a mission that happens after it. Don’t read if you haven’t finished both the main story and said mission.

I’m not too sure what to call it besides his storyline, but I mainly mean the Finding Bagley mission. I didn’t even think the game would be able to get me attached to a character, what with the whole point of it being that you can play as anyone you want which essentially strips nearly every character of any depth, but I think they did it wonderfully. The game gave us exactly one consistent character that reoccurs more than any other and I think they did the best they could’ve done with him.

Having to kill Bagley honestly made me shed a few tears, and finding out he was still alive from the cutscene afterward made me cry even more. But what also made me emotional was the Finding Bagley mission and finding out that he wasn’t always an AI. As someone who’s always been more of a story person than a gameplay person, finding out the only character with any real depth had even more depth to uncover was amazing. It wasn’t as much backstory as I would’ve liked, but goddamn, it got me attached. I mean, shit, I’m reading my own post in his voice as I type and it’s making me sound slightly British (which, spoiler alert, I am not).

The audio file at Wellington Arch (if I’m remembering the name correctly) particularly hurt me because it shows just how scared and helpless he was. And not only that, that’s the first audio file that reveals what his real name was after he told multiple people beforehand that his name wasn’t Bagley. After I listened to that, I had to just sit there for a moment because I was so shaken up by it.

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And then the one with Arthur in it revealed that he was gay (or at the very least mlm) and I just can’t help but wonder, where’s Arthur now? Is he still mourning and missing Bagley, all these years later? Has he moved on and found himself another boyfriend or perhaps a girlfriend? Does he visit Bradley in the hospital every so often, hoping that even though he can’t speak, maybe he can still hear? Does Bradley miss him too, or has he long since forgotten about him, whether it’s because of the passage of time or because of his medical state? If Bagley remembered him, would he miss him? Would there be a new mission to find Arthur so they could reunite one last time and this time make their parting a little better than before?

Aside from Arthur, the hospital scene with Bradley and Bagley really touched me too. Like, Bagley’s tone shift from his usual funny, witty, charismatic, sarcastic self to something more serious hit hard. You could just tell this was something important for him. And I wonder how Bradley felt about it too. I wonder if he knew that Bagley was sort of him but also not him. I wonder if he could even understand what he was saying or what was going on. I wonder if maybe he wanted Bagley and my operative to stay and tell him more and reassure him that his Bagley self was happy and alive and okay. I wonder what would’ve happened if DedSec found a way to fix Bradley and he was able to finally get his life back and maybe even join DedSec. Would he even be able to get his life back? Is it too late now? Has he lost Arthur and his mom for good? Do either of them even still remember him?

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I also want to know what would happen if Bagley and Bradley were put back together. Maybe he’d join DedSec and remain the brains of the operations. Maybe he’d leave to rediscover himself and figure out what it means to be human, to be Bradley again. Maybe he’d just get in contact with his friends and family and lover again and just say hi, tell them he loves them, maybe go see them for the first time in years. Maybe we’d get a mission to find out who his friends and family were in the first place and find them so they could reunite.

There are so many questions left unanswered and I wish there was more to Bagley’s story, but I suppose the beauty of this game is that the backstories of pretty much every character is left up to interpretation. Plus, when things don’t go the way I want, I tend to write it the way I want myself, so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing.

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