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Washington DC for the next game

Watch Dogs Washington DC. I'm a bit biased because I'm from here but There is so much a Watch Dogs game could do if it was set here and I want this over a Watch Dogs game set in NYC. Maybe you're an NSA Agent (Just realized this is an easy way to tie in Splinter Cell into Watch Dogs) or an FBI Agent working for the FBI Cybercrime division or any other government agency and you gotta stop Dedsec or maybe you used to be part of Dedsec a long time ago but still have some dedsec buddies and are actually trying to help them. So many routes they can go with.

Maybe you do some work for a congressman who ends up manipulating his way into the White House and becomes President at the end? Think Frank Underwood from House of Cards.

Blackmailing politicians, dealing with foreign governments, political favors, lobbyists, defense companies, conspiracies. DC fits Watch Dogs like a glove. DCs size is also perfect it's got a nice mix of urban and suburban areas. Virginia and Maryland also have some countryside that gives the map some variety.

DC isn't all just the federal Government though theres more than just the monuments and the national mall. The city does have issues with crime, local corrupt city politicians, and gentrification. Watch Dogs could also explore that too. Many parts of the city have crime with Southeast DC being the most dangerous and MS-13 has a presence in Virginia and Maryland.

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Then you have the headquarters of just about all the major Government agencies in the city or nearby in Maryland and Virginia. The FBI, CIA, NSA, The Pentagon. You also have a lot of foreign embassies here in the city too China, Russia, etc maybe our Protagonist does some spying for them if they're a blackhat hacker or our FBI/NSA Agent Protagonist tries to stop foreign spies from hacking the US. Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are major defense contractors located in the area. Google, Facebook and a lot of the major tech companies with Amazon joining soon have offices here and if they don't they do hire lawyers and lobbyists to represent them having Big Tech trying to bribe the government or them being under investigation would be a good story arc.

Every single news outlet in the world has an office here reporting on US government events. We could help out a journalist expose some stuff and break a major story or we're working for a politician who wants that story to dissappear.

After NYC, DC has the second largest public transportation system in the country with Metro it's actually bigger than Chicago's. Being able to ride trains again would be nice and I'd love to ride busses. The DC metro stations also have some beautiful architecture.

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You can't really use the excuse of Ubisoft getting in trouble by making a game in DC because it's the government and stuff because The Division 2 was set in a destroyed DC, and Legion used London the Capital of the UK and started the game with Parliament getting blown up and no one said anything.


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