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Watch Dogs Legion Vs Cyberpunk 2077

WDL does so many things that make it so much better than 2077, here are some of the things that I think are soooo cool to have in legion.


In legion cars are so much fun to drive,E.g when I have to go from one location to another and it’s like 2000m away I always drive cars and never fast travel. Cars in legion have great handling, drifting(most drift ok but the custom getaway car drifts the best- also it’s my favorite car in the game) using breaks actual stops the car and overall driving in legion feels sturdy minus the bikes vs 2077 where driving cars feel like you are crossing a toothpick plank, it feels wonky and breaks take forever to activate imo.


Wdl car abilities is another feature that is just preem(see what I did there, if you played enough 2077 you’ll know what I mean 😏). It’s fun to use hack cars away from you while driving or using the spy car to disappear, I had some fun times just going 5 star and driving around London and using those car abilities to mess with the police. Whereas in 2077 when I gotta drive 2000m I’m like – oh god what evil have I done in my life to deserve this and god be like(you trusted cdpr).

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Cars in this game follow road rules

I love how all the cars always follow the road rules, even the traffic lights where when it’s red cars stop and when green they go(I drove in WDL using road rules and followed traffic lights and everything and it all felt so real and also I was in speed limit never over speeding). In 2077 you can’t even see the traffic light color or atleast on my ps4 slim it’s just blank, 2077 even have so little cars it’s just doesn’t feel real.

Roads are detailed

WDL roads are detailed, everything from street signs to road marking to traffic lights. Just everything the whole world of WDL feels realistic, alive and just fun to be in of course minus the god like sponge that you are that can take so much hits. The realistic, alive part I’m taking about is the road stuff and also the npc where they are always doing something realistically believable unlike 2077 imo.

Auto Drive

One of the most convenient features Available in the game. Just turn on auto drive, play a slow tune and drive around in the night time while the rain fall on your enemies literally and just seat back and enjoy the ride and scenery. Even if you have no destination you can just turn on the auto drive and the car will just go wherever and you can just check out London and also not to mention how beautiful WDL looks even in the base console. Whereas in 2077 you are in a future setting with fucking future tech( people have a fucking audio jack in their heads to listen to fucking music, chips can be put in your brain to show data where you can see the data from your fucking eyes, you become a terminator, medicine according to 2077 lore is so advance you can literally look and feel like your 16 even if you 200 years old) but you can’t make a fucking simple auto drive feature. Also if you auto drive in WDL your car will show the blinker when turning in whichever direction which I find so cool.

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So these are some things I love in WDL and all of these are just my opinion, what things do you guys love in legion lemme know

Also some things about cyberpunk 2077 I feel like cdpr made this exclusively for high end pc only. Just my opinion. The console versions will actually release in 2077 so all console players even the new gen ones gotta wait. Pc will get the chrome while console will get the left over bones.

R.I.P team console we’ll get our turn one day.


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