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WATCH_DOGS: Digital Trip “Madness” is absolute madness…!

Jeez Louise, that, t-this… *sighs* I really can't win this all.

Oh, man… just when I gave up on doing this digital trip, my OCD kicks in. Man, Madness is a fun digital trip, but if you're planning on completing it though, that's where the problem kicks in. So, here's the thing:

I've done a lot of story missions today, and with that fact, I figured that maybe I'll do the side missions for now. One of those side content are digital trips. Now, I've had a hell of a time playing these games. Spider Tank(or is it Spider-Tank…?), and Alone were an amazing experience, but when I thought of playing this though… Holy Cow, why did the objectives ramp up in difficulty?

The one that I'm struggling with is the 30-killstreak, at phase 27. Jeez, this one is hard! Like, the amount of craters in your way…! It is so hard to maintain your speed throughout the whole ride because you keep trying to avoid the craters. And with the slow speed, the pedestrians just keep avoiding your car so easily, especially the white soul dudes.

I'll try to add some tips here instead of leaving this thing as just a rant. Sorry for the negative vibes, but Im'ma just vent a bit, because that play I just had? Man, it sucks so bad…!

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The tips are usually just… the upgrades you should pick the most out of all of the other upgrades. So, here's the list:

Soul Blast is amazing for crowd control. Especially with the full upgrades, this ability will clear the way for you when it comes to those damn craters, and even those exploding dudes. Get this when you can, cuz you're gonna need it. Do try to use it wisely, it's quite expensive when it comes to souls, so never waste it.

No soul cost for those steam pipe hacks is a must. It's quite helpful when you've just ran out of souls, especially when you get the upgrade when it increases 50% of the souls you harvest(and, yeah… I'm looking this up in the wiki, I don't know the terms).


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