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Watch_Dogs Legion: THEORY TIME!

So this theory probably has been made before but this is my version of it so shut up and let me explain!:

So my theory is that Legion will directly tie into the AC universe. Think about it, Origins included an Easter egg of Aiden killing the former CEO of Abstergo (May not be Abstergo, but it still proves that Aiden is canonical in the AC Universe) so that Easter Egg ties in AC and WD in such a way that they can never be un-linked.

The Templars basically ruled London (Same place where Legion will take place) during the 1800s,

What about The Frye Twins? You may be asking, and to that, I will respond that the Templars could have easily taken London back from the Rooks after the Twins died. That also brings me to the Rooks, in particular, I want to know what they became after the Twins Passing, Maybe they became DedSec? Maybe they were absorbed into the Assassins? or Maybe the Assassin's ARE DedSec, The Assassins have been proven to be expert Hackers just like DedSec, but then that brings into question the Tenets of the Brotherhood, (Stay your blade from the flesh of the Innocent, Hide in Plain sight, Never compromise the Brotherhood)

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"Stay your blade from the flesh of the Innocent" DedSec seems to be ok with killing Innocents. "Hide in Plain sight" Nope. "Never compromise the Brotherhood" If DedSec is the Assassin's then sure it works.

Maybe DedSec will team up with the Assassins in W_D:L to end the Templars and their Oppression in London just like the Twins did centuries ago.

Anyway that's my theory and it probably has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese, but still, it was fun writing this. I also need to read up on my WD lore and see if anything directly conflicts with this theory but I'm sure someone will yell at me & tell me how it actually works. Anyways thank you for reading and thank you for giving me your time. Have a good day 🙂


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