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Watchdogs Legion Online – I just wish there was more

After waiting 3 months to get my hands on multiplayer for PC, I spent 90 minutes with it this afternoon & knew I would never play it again.

I’m not going to pretend to understand how game design works, but all the same, there are some things that are overwhelmingly apparent. This game felt like it was destined for a happy mediocrity years before a single line of code was written.

Every criticism I have with Legion is centered around an absence of something. And, as strange as it sounds, its fantastic level of polish is what signals that.

We all saw the disaster that was Cyberpunk 2077. They over promised and (obscenely) underdelivered. Parts of the game were literally ripped out. What we got was janky & unfinished.

Legion under promised and… delivered.

What little we got looked done. The engine is buttery smooth, the visuals are great, and what content was actually put on our plate was clean & functional.

Right here is where I could launch into a litany of everything we loved in WD2 that was omitted from Legion. You’ve read 100 of those posts before. Copy/paste your favorite one here. I just wish the game was deeper, in every capacity.

So I played single player, enjoyed it for the watered down experience it was, then I waited for multiplayer.

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And… I don’t know what I expected.

I ran the quick tutorial then did a couple missions/objectives. I took a look at the map & deduced that at any given time there are exactly 6 things you can do:

  • Gather ETO in freeroam (hotspots)
  • Solo objective
  • Instanced co-op mission
  • Instanced tactical op (coming soon)
  • Spiderbot arena
  • Timed City event

Incentivizing us to do all these things is a battle pass, offering a few cosmetics, paint jobs, ETO, & influence points. It’s worth mentioning that during normal play you are regularly rewarded with cosmetics & ETO. In other words, the battle pass is essentially just your influence point allowance.

Permadeath is disabled for online, so once you get a decent stable of maybe 4-6 good operatives, you don’t need much influence anymore besides levelling up your skills.

Skills help you do missions, and missions help you level the battle pass… to unlock more skills. Missions take place in a vacuum. The city does not react and there is no progression outside of the battle pass.

Once this soaked in, I realized I was just revisiting all my old lamentations for single player. The online mode is clean & functional… but stripped down & lacking unique content.

When my friends asked me how it was, I begrudgingly replied, “there’s… actually nothing to do.”

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Some things that might have kept me coming back

  • Long term, persistent Dedsec “operations” (akin to GTA:O motorcycle clubs/drug sales)
  • More varied dynamic events (armored truck from WD2, etc)
  • Big money sinks (upgrade/decorate/move our HQ)
  • Management elements (send our idle operatives on “assignments” or something fun on a "war map")
  • More lively/proactive Albion/Kelley presence (a macro-management-type game where we dedicate resources to evading/countering their retaliation or something.

(oh and for the love of god, let us run private coop missions)

I want to keep playing your game Ubi (and even spend money in your silly cash shop), I just wish you gave me a reason to.


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