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100k Contest Winners!

Content of the article: "100k Contest Winners!"

At long last, we have finished tabulating the results of the 100k subscribers contest! Sorry it took so long, but some people (not naming names) were not very good at following the formatting directions, so the planned automatic data processing was more… time consuming than expected. Either way, we are excited to announce the winners!

Top 3 For Each Region

NA EU Prize
1st Place u/Mammoth-Border5179 – Ripper1A1A – 15898 in the T92 u/pburgess22 – Teras_EU – 19751 in the Manticore Choice of 3 tier VIII premiums
2nd Place u/xEve6x – Eve6 – 12597 in the GSOR3301 AVR FS u/_skari – Onskari – 18606 in the Manticore Choice of 1 tier VIII premium
3rd Place u/SuperSlayer171 – SuperSlayer – 11966 in the T-100LT u/Sharnak_ – Retob4to – 17690 in the Manticore Choice of 1 tier VIII premium

Raffle Winners

u/permanently_new_guy – bkaeser u/olotex97 – cnxd
u/KurulusUsman – Cricketer u/czumyl – czumyl
u/chompssss – chompssss u/Dragunii – Draguni
u/EPICANDY0131 – EPICANDY0131 u/Erikq1001 – Erikq1000
u/ThunderHEX – _T_H_U_N_D_E_R_ u/LenCow_ – LenCow_
u/doughishere – Doughishere u/Dark3Fury – BlackSoul_yt
u/WoT_Slave – ThePotatoTanker u/Mapykac – Mapykac
u/Hodgey3519 – Hodgey_3519 u/Glamdrink – Glamdrink
u/ty_rosen – Abyssal_Kitty u/tijmen61 – tijmen61
u/NotRand74 – HeyoRandom u/Melfera – Melferal
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>>>Winners, please comment or pm me vie reddit, discord, or modmail your prize selection<<<

A huge thank you to everyone who participated (even if you did just ensure the Manticore is getting nerfed next patch)! And another huge thank you to everyone of you who was helped us reach 100k subscribers! Here's hoping to see you all again for another contest at 200k! (maybe sooner, who knows.)

Finally, don't forget to thank your local WG community manager (especially u/TragicLoss (NA) and u/WGHeatResistantBFG (EU)) for organizing such excellent prizing for these events. They put in a ton of work behind the scenes to let us do the fun stuff for you guys. Also, I hear they have M60 codes.


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