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3-mark review: Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank

Content of the article: "3-mark review: Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank"

Alright, I successfully 3-marked my T-10 a few weeks ago after just shy of 150 battles in it, and I was contemplating writing a review for it. Ultimately, I decided to give it a go, especially since the T-10 hasn't received a proper 3-mark review yet. I will be following u/BBB_1024's format from his reviews, as I feel like it gives a good level of depth to what the tank's strengths/weaknesses are as well as how to play it and excel in it.

My 3-marked T-10 in the WWE ring:

Pre-face: This tank is really great, even in our meta of hull-down, gun depression ridge-humping, it holds its own. Bad/inexperienced players will suffer in it, because it isn't your traditional heavy tank, but players that know what they are doing can make the T-10 carry almost any game they are in. I was genuinely surprised that I was able to 3-mark it, I didn't think I was doing that particularly well in it across all of my battles, but apparently I was.


Equipment: Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, Improved Ventilation (although for the last few games in it, I actually ran Optics and it worked surprisingly well)

Consumables: Large Repair Kit, Large First Aid Kit, Food (getting set on fire is underrated)

Ammo: 10 AP, 16 HEAT, 4 HE (you can always take more HEAT, but sometimes HEAT is unreliable for me so I carry some AP)

Suggested Crew Skills: Obviously the core of Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, and Repairs, but I would recommend Track Mechanic and Safe Stowage as well. Gun handling skills like Snapshot and Smooth Ride would be highly advisable, but you could also go the route of improving mobility with Off Road Driving and Clutch Braking or even improve vision with Situational Awareness and Recon. Depends on your playstyle.

Tl;dr review

The sports car of heavy tanks, the T-10 sports impressive mobility that rivals some medium tanks, but it keeps a lot of key features you'd want in a heavy. It has a very strong turret with small weak points, as well as a great side armor profile that is perfect for side-scraping and reverse side-scraping. It also has a hard hitting gun with a high-pen gold round and has pretty decent gun handling for a heavy. It also has 400m view range. Downside is that the frontal hull armor is very weak and the pike nose means you can't angle to improve your upper/lower plate effective armor thickness. The turret roof can also be overmatched by guns bigger than 120mm.

In-depth review (sponsored by Frosted Flakes, They'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!)

Survivability: 6.5/10

I know, I know, what kind of a heavy tank rates that low on the survivability scale? Well, you have to understand that the armor profile sported by the T-10 is one that requires you to know where the armor is and isn't, because if you don't, you will get eviscerated before you can even turn your camera around to see where the shots went in. The turret is very, very good. 250mm thick in the front, 201mm thick on the sides, and 90mm in the rear. Most premium rounds will struggle against it. However, the roof is only 40mm thick, meaning that anything with a gun larger than 120mm in caliber will triple overmatch it, and at Tier 9, you will see plenty of those guns. So it's best not to sit out in front of things, even if you are hull down. The side armor profile is one of the best in the game. The bottom half of side armor is 80mm thick and covered by 20mm thick spaced armor in the form of tracks. The top half is 120mm thick and protected by 30mm side skirts that act as spaced armor. What that all boils down to is that the T-10 is a top-notch side-scraper and an even better reverse side-scraper. When angled correctly, there isn't a gun in the game that will be able to penetrate your side armor. Like a fat kid coming out of a 7/11 on a hot summer day, you'll be slurping up everything with no remorse. I'm afraid that's where the good news ends, though. The frontal armor profile is quite grim. 120mm on the upper hull (only 60 on the small, triangular driver's port, but it's an autobounce unless you're above it) and an equal 120mm on the lower hull. The armor has some natural sloping, which will help, but you're still only looking at about 220-230mm of effective armor on the upper plate, which is easily dealt with by Tier 8 tanks, and about 180-190 effective on the lower plate, reliably penned by Tier 7s. You can angle to increase the effectiveness of the lower plate, but due to the pike nose shape, you'll be making the upper plate much easier to pen. The T-10 also has a very vulnerable front drive wheel. It is very much exposed and is incredibly easy to track and pen with the same shot. And thanks to the ridiculous ammo storage configuration, it's very likely that a shot through the drive wheel will also hit the frontal ammo rack. Your best bet in this tank is to poke from a hull down location or utilize side-scraping and reverse side-scraping techniques. If you can't do any of those things, it's best to try to not get shot at all.

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Gun: 9/10

The only gun on a heavy tank at Tier 9 that I've had less trouble with would be that of the Conqueror. Go ahead, make your jokes about Soviet accuracy and Stalin's hand and cyka blyat whatever, this gun is actually really good. 2.8 second aim time with 0.38 accuracy with some decent soft stats allow this thing to actually snap off some pretty nice shots, especially at close/medium range. Don't get your hopes up on the long range shots, the shells only fly at 900 m/s. The DPM is rather impressive, too, as only tanks like the Conqueror and M103 outclass it. 2147 base DPM is nothing to scoff at, especially when you are hitting for 440 alpha. The real seller on this gun is the penetration values. 258 for the standard rounds and an EZ pen 340 HEAT round. There isn't a tank in the game that this gun can't deal damage to. The Soviets must have really liked this M62 gun, too, seeing as they put it on the IS-4, ST-I, Obj. 430U, SU-101, and SU-122-54. The one real downside to this gun is that the platform it is on only allows it 5 degrees of gun depression, so you won't be poking any ridgelines or hills without having to expose your entire tank. You should be used to the poor gun depression by the time you reach the T-10 on that tank line, but it is something you have to keep in mind and know how to deal with.

Mobility: 9/10

It's no AMX, but this thing is pretty quick. 50 kph top speed with a power/weight ratio of 14.75 to go along with very nice ground resistances allow the T-10 to zoom around the map almost like a medium. With this mobility, you can beat almost any other heavy tank to the point of attack, and grab yourself some early spots and damage while everyone else is still getting into position. Traverse values aren't anything crazy, but 32 deg/s on the hull is good enough, especially combined with those ground resistances. You'll find that your turret will struggle to keep up with your turning, though, as it only rotates at 26 deg/s, so keep that in mind. Overall great mobility though, one of the quickest heavies in the game. That can be a double-edged sword, though, I've seen many a Machine and T95E6 player get really excited by that mobility and overextend into their death within the first 2 minutes of the game. Moderation is key, my friends. Don't drive drunk.

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Vision: 5/10

Obviously, not a great score here. It's a heavy tank, and even though it's a somewhat low-profile heavy tank, it still isn't going to sport very good camo values. 0.11 while stationary and 0.06 while moving (it actually has worse camo than the ST-I lmfao!). But what the T-10 does have is 400m view range. This is an impressive number, especially for a Soviet tank, and it gives you some flexibility, allowing you to viably run Optics or use a crew that has view range skills and combine that with Vents/Food. For me, I actually ran Optics during the last few games of my 3-mark journey, and I would aggressively drive to brawling points early in the game and just spot everything while they were getting into position. This allowed me to farm a lot of early damage and some spotting assistance as well. Even more importantly, I was able to use this combination of mobility and view range to initiate late-game pushes to spot camping TDs and retreating tanks. I'm not saying you have to run Optics, but don't forget that the T-10 has 400m of view range to work with.

Carry potential: 9.5/10

Only medium tanks like the T-54, M46 Patton, Centurion 7/1, and Kpz 50t are going to best the T-10 in carry potential. It has everything you need to win a game. It has enough armor in the right places to get bounces or at least force people to aim. It has plenty enough mobility to flex around the map. It has impressive firepower with decent gun handling and solid DPM, so missing a shot isn't as likely and if it does happen, it isn't as debilitating as if you were in, say, an Obj. 705 with the 130mm gun. It also has that aforementioned view range, meaning it can actually spot things and won't get auto-farmed by a base-camping neckbeard in an Strv without at least figuring out where the damn thing is. The gun depression might let it down in some situations, but good planning can help avoid that. You'll find yourself very high on the post-game leaderboard in the T-10 often, and that's because it puts in work in every game that it's in.

Stock grind: 7.5/10

Honestly this wasn't a bad stock grind at all. Coming from the IS-3, you should already have the two radios and the BL-9 gun. 225/265 pen with 390 alpha is workable at Tier 9. The turret is still very strong, and the mobility is still decent. You'll have to research a track first, and then the upgraded engine and turret, and then the M62 cannon. It can take a while to top it out, but the tank is serviceable the whole way through. Obviously you can lessen the burden of the grind if you've already researched the M62 cannon on the ST-I, but the top engine is unique, as well as the turret/tracks.

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Overall score: 9/10

One of the most flexible heavies in the game, the T-10 can be an absolute force of mobility and firepower, but it requires you to play smart and not overextend, as the armor will not save you in many situations. It can be good hull-down but the armor shows up the best when side-scraping or reverse side-scraping. The gun provides a good balance of DPM, gun handling, alpha, and penetration, it does not lack in any particular department except for gun sadness. Mobility allows you to take early positions before anyone else as well as push flanks late game and flex to other positions as needed. 400m view range is a nice bonus, gives the T-10 an extra dimension of impact it can have in a game, definitely helped me on the 3-mark path.


(+++) Mobility, very few heavies are faster and some mediums can't even keep up with the T-10

(+++) Penetration, 258/340 is excellent at Tier 10, much less 9

(+++) Side armor, one of the best side armor profiles in the game, great side-scraper

(++) Alpha/DPM, good combo of alpha and DPM, hits hard without the reload being debilitating

(+) Gun handling, decent gun handling for a heavy allows for some solid snap shots

(+) Turret armor, solid turret but it can have its roof overmatched by guns bigger than 120mm


(—) Hull armor – One of the weakest frontal hull armor profiles at the tier, pike nose means you can't angle to help it

(—) Gun depression – 5 degrees of gun depression is extremely limiting, need to know how to play w/o it

(-) Shell velocity – sub 1000 shell velocity is not ideal, but it isn't that much worse than anything else at the tier for heavy tanks

(-) Weak modules – very vulnerable drive wheel, tank is made of ammo racks (Safe Stowage is highly recommended)


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