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A bunch an answers from WoTB devs to some popular questions (LOOOOONG!)

Content of the article: "A bunch an answers from WoTB devs to some popular questions (LOOOOONG!)"

Are you going to implement Marks of Excellence (marks on gun barrels) in WoT Blitz?

For now, we are not working on this feature. The main issue here is the device performance: showing the marks (technically, decals with alpha channel) on several (or all) vehicles in a battle would cause some serious FPS drops on old and low-end devices.

Unlike the hit marks—a "cosmetic" feature with tiny low-res images—the Marks of Excellence are supposed to be visible by everyone, which is impossible now. However, we'll keep trying to optimize alpha (transparency) decals; support for the weakest devices will be stopped eventually, so the Marks of Excellence may be added to the game at some point in the future.

OK, maybe some special camouflages can be used as mastery signs?

We adhere to the "Camos are for visual customization" idea; the Rating camos are a small exception. We'd like to give players an additional opportunity to show off their skill instead of using the existing option (camouflages) for that. If time shows us that classic Marks of Excellence on vehicle guns can't be implemented, we may return to this idea.

Are there any plans to add some new quick commands (like "Back!"/"Retreat!") for better communication during the battle?

Actually, we have plans to revamp the in-battle communication and add some new possibilities like pointing positions on the map directly in the 3D scene (like, you point a hill and your teammates see the pointer).

Popular quick commands will stay available, some demanded commands like "Retreat" might be added as well. This change is not coming soon, there are lots of things to do.

Can you add an option to enlarge the mini-map (both on mobile and on PC)?

For now, the number of such requests is very low, so is the priority 🙂 If we get more demands, we can think about it.

When are you going to enable replay rewinding?

In 2021. The feature is more complicated than it looks and Nintendo Switch release took lots of our efforts, but we are going to add this feature as well.

What about improving team equality in regular battles? Maybe, it would be better if each team included a 60%+ player, some 50% players, some 50%- players.

It's just a kind of skill-based matchmaking. If teams are almost equal all the time, the winrate of every player will tend to 50% over time; the most skilled pro players would have ≈55%, 51–52% for very good players, 47–48% for average ones. And the battles (all of them) would become much harder, too. The effect on the community (especially experienced and pro players) would be devastating.

We use skill-based MM in Rating battles and we don't plan to bring it to random ones. But, we plan to improve matchmaking: exclude extremely bad players from regular queue and/or ban them.

How about adding short tutorial videos and giving rewards for watching them? Just like gold for watching ads. It might help players improve their skill.

We consider adding in-game tutorials. It might help some players indeed. But in reality, the majority of players don't want to waste any time on something but playing the game itself. So there's no chance for any significant skill boost. Besides that, we have plans to teach newcomers how to play during the battles.

Some multiplayer mobile games warn the user if the battery charge is low and may block ability to start battle—to prevent AFK. Is this feature going to appear in Blitz?

That's a good idea, we'll think about it.

What will happen to military honor? And when?

We've prepared a new concept. The idea is to set apart the unsporting behavior reports and thumb up (feedback) system. The changes might be applied within a year.

Ability to rent a premium tank or to test it before buying would be cool. Any plans?

We've thought a lot about this idea and we don't give up as it would be transparent and loyal to our players. However, it's risky for us (at least because you can't judge the performance of a tank by just few battles—if it is not ultra OP). So, we wouldn't have enabled such "rent" for brand new premium vehicles.

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Moreover, we know by statistics data that similar feature was quite unpopular in WoT PC, but it would require major efforts to be implemented in Blitz (lots of code & UI rebuilding). So, we'll keep trying to find a way to add this feature, but it's not a high priority change and we won't promise anything.

It'd be great to have something like trade-in in Blitz. Many experienced players have tons of resources like credits, boosters, XP, years of Premium account, etc.; one could buy some new tanks or other things using that stuff. And, it would be nice to share some resources with friends.

We'll work on some kind of regular events where you can exchange your spare stuff for something useful. As for sharing and gifts, we've already tried this but faced huge amount of fraud cases—so we won't let this again. But, we are thinking about adding clan treasury system.

Are you going to add double-barrelled tanks?

We've investigated this idea and decided to set it aside for a year or more. We don't want to add just a Helsing-esque double-shot heavy tank: it would be just a strange vehicle with TD-like damage and very long reloading time; some complex double-barrel mechanics seem too hard to be implemented on touch-control devices. We'll probably revisit this idea one day, but not that soon.

Give us an option to replace missions.

We consider adding one free replacement for a mission.

My storage is full of useless stuff. Will it be possible to put such items into separate folder or tab?

The storage will be reworked and there will be new tabs. This will make item management easier and clearer.

Will we have personal missions like in WoT?

There are enough ways of getting tanks in our game. And we believe current missions provide enough challenges for players.

Can we have something like milestones or checkpoints in Rating battles? For example, if I've passed 4000 I won't fall down to Golden league?

We consider doing something like this. But meanwhile, we also believe such checkpoints won't be fair. Player's rating show their ability to play in team for a certain period of time. Checkpoints will indicate their skill to achieve certain rating amount.

How about giving a guaranteed Rating bonus for top-1 player in the losing team?

No, we don't want to do it because it breaks the idea of Rating battles. For lots of players, being top-1 would become more important than overall results of their team. This is not what Rating battles are about.

Can we have any bonuses for certain significant achievements?

We have discussed some options but haven't come to any decision yet. Work is in progress.

How about adding blocked damage to statistics?

We're going to add more extra numbers in battle results and player profile. Blocked damage is also in the list.

Is it possible to create a "proving ground" where players can test their tanks?

We have discussed that as a part of tutorial. It also requires new bots that we're working on already. After that, we'll see if they can be used for a proving ground.

Will we have PvE mode? For tutorial or full game mode?

We keep improving our tutorials and PvE will be used for that. But making a PvE game mode is not what we plan and want to do.

Are you going to add an option to "ban" some maps or pick the maps you'd like to play on?

No, as it would inevitably cause matchmaking issues.

Are you going to add any new clan features to make clans more attractive to the players? Maybe, some kind of clan wars, competitive clan game modes?

In one of the upcoming updates, we're adding Clan Missions. There will be a special tab on the Missions screen for them. These new Clan Missions will let you earn some extra goodies with your clanmates. In future, Clan Missions will be also used for completing special clan events.

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This is not a "Pro" or competitive feature, but it is going to be the first in a row of future changes. The point is that any clan-based game mode would be non-viable for now: the number of active competitive clans and their participants is just insufficient for matchmaking in such modes. So, clans have to become more active and popular first to let us enable those clan game modes, and Clan Missions will become one of the drivers for this.

As for the "clan wars", our existing quick tourneys are quite good for training your skill together with your clanmates.

How are you going to deal with the clans propagating anti-social / unsporting behavior?

Currently, we investigate complaints from players and bloggers and punish both individuals and clans for unsporting behavior according to the project rules and the EULA.

Besides, we're working on a system that will allow handling those players/clans automatically instead of managing their rule violations directly. We're going to analyze player stats to find AFK and anti-competitive players and improve the matchmaking system to exclude them from the regular MM queue / ban them, etc. We'll work on the matchmaking closely in the next year.

Clan descriptions are covered by the game rules as well, so you are welcome to contact our support team if you face clans with some kind of anti-social or anti-competitive statements/calls to action. In future, we might try to use neural network to identify "match fixing" and players who rig battles.

Are there any plans to change rewards for Clan Supply, replace the IS-5 with a new tank?

We're not going to change anything in Clan Supply rewards. Instead, we'll be adding new activities with some new rewards, including new vehicles for clans.

Will you add new levels to Clan Supply?

We are not going to. Clan Supply is an introductory activity; we don't want clan players to spend lots of time upgrading their Clan Supply and Personal Access levels.

After heavy tanks got buffed recently, 7 minutes seem to be insufficient to complete battles more often than before. Are you going to increase max battle duration?

The number of draws has increased a bit lately, but no, even 7 minutes are too long 🙂 Instead, we'll reduce average battle duration. One of the ways is improving maps, particularly TD positions—that will make tank destroyers more efficient against heavies. The other possible way is re-balancing other vehicle classes, maybe TDs.

Sometimes reticle marker can stick to different objects. Will it be fixed?

It's almost impossible to get rid of that. In some rare cases, objects' models can be reworked. We track such cases and take measures when possible.

Bigger maps? 10 vs 10 battles?

It would require lots of resources and efforts but would be available for hi-end mobile devices and PCs only. There's no sense in cutting off so many players from such a big feature. Also, 10 vs 10 on a bigger map is not a Blitz format.

The sky on Faust map looks much worse than anywhere else. Why?

In current technical terms, the only way of making a night map is to add sky like Faust has. In other words, skybox texture resolution is limited by performance and game engine restrictions; low resolution is more visible on dark sky textures.

Should we expect more extraordinary maps in future? Like Wasteland for example.

We'll definitely bring such maps into Blitz for our game modes. And maybe for random battles as well.

How do you evaluate the outcome of adding Skirmish mode?

The results are good. This game mode isn't as popular as Uprising but we didn't expect that and it was just as popular as many other modes.

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We've added Skirmish for three reasons:

  • to find out what players think of smaller maps
  • to test a future tutorial mode for the newcomers that will introduce maps to them progressively
  • to add a fast game mode, easy for anyone.

We've found out that while some pro players might have found it a bit boring, a majority of regular players liked Skirmish mode and played lots of battles in it. We'll use our findings and stats for future development of the above-mentioned tutorial mode.

Are you going to add any new constantly available battle modes?

We've thought a lot about new regular modes but we gave up. The unsolvable problem of non-standard game modes is inability to deal damage steadily with any tank / vehicle class / role in the team, so good and excellent players would disable any of these modes—they just don't want to mess up their account stats. So, the only way to add new game modes is to make them temporary and not affecting the game stats.

Assault mode in WoT PC was a good example: it was widely criticized because of unequal conditions for the teams in terms of damage, etc.

What about Uprising mode in tournaments?

It's possible, we'll think about it. But enabling Uprising in tourneys requires significant tech improvements and bug fixes, so we can't estimate any timing just yet.

Why there are no training rooms in game modes?

It would reduce the popularity of the modes (i.e., the number of players in the MM queue). Also, it would significantly increase the amount of time and resources required for every re-launch of any game mode.

Is it possible to give an option to enable server aiming instead of client one and vice versa?

Server aiming is used for test purposes by devs only and on test clients only. It's more precise, but it's uncomfortable for the gameplay.

Sometimes, gun barrels ascend spontaneously near obstacles. Is this bug going to be fixed?

We've tried to, but it's one of the fundamental internal nuances of the game engine. Fixing this issue always leads to major problems with aiming and other things; it can't be fixed without complete re-writing of the game code. Maybe, we'll be able to figure something out one day.

How about making crew training cheaper using gold?

We're working on that. The more experienced your crew is, the bigger discount you'll get.


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