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A rant about the ELC because I really want to vent about it

Content of the article: "A rant about the ELC because I really want to vent about it"

So this is probably gonna get really long, but whatever. So here's the problem, I absolutely love the elc amx in all WoT games, I play PC, Blitz (on PC), and Console, i like the elc in Blitz because it's very well rounded in its power to weight ratio and speed. it doesn't have a 90mm in blitz, it only has a stock 75 and a top 75mm, the turret doesn't fully traverse but the 65 kp/h top speed, coupled with small maps and a lot of city maps make it my most battled tank in blitz. it can also take a few hits, for example, on the off chance that a KV-2 doesn't pen you with HE, you will probably still get away with at least about 1/5 of your hp. On PC, I like it because I'm a little better with the controls and there's no true vision to worry about. I run the 75mm sometimes just for fun, but I mostly use the 90mm, I usually use it in bushes and rack up some damage.

But here's my problem with the console version. I cant reliably use bushes because of true vision as a recent thing and the elc just not having enough camo rating, I know it's very high but I just feel something is off with the camo rating in console even though PC and console are essentially the same game. My main issue is that the elc in this game is the PC 9.18 version, where the artillery stopped being so annoying and lower tiers were balanced. However in console, artillery is the same, and lower tiers beat the shit out of the ELC's ass. Take the pz.iv h, with it's 105 it gets about 6 seconds to reload, that can take out an elc in 1 shot no matter what round you use, now take the elc with it's 90mm, lackluster pen and can't even one shot some tier 3s, and the basic reload with 100% crew is 14 seconds. Fourteen seconds?! a 90mm on a tier 5 light tank reloads in 14 seconds yet a 105mm on a tier 4 medium tank reloads in about 8 seconds, nearly half the reload, it's ridiculous, the speed and mobility were also fucked that same derp gun doesn't have to put too much work into 1-shotting you from across el halluf either. Whenever I play the elc on console, I get at least a class 2 mastery nearly every time because it's literally that bad and I guess not many people are playing it and I'mnot really that good with it either, I landed 1 shot and immediately died and got a class 2. it's just so bad and it feels WoT console isn't doing any balance changes anymore and jusg adding more premiums and brand placement so I feel this is never gonna get fixed.

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whoo I've had that in me for the last 2 weeks and it just pisses me off


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