World of Tanks (WoT)

Am I right to be nervous for the path of this game?

There have been ups and downs in this game since 2012. I have enjoyed playing as many others have since 2012. No doubt this game was so much fun to play since beta, but as of late it seems we are on a downward spiral since the introduction of wheeled tanks and artillery stun mechanics just to name a few.

Just to lump the common complaints that have never been addressed:

– Feedback is rarely listened to, even with sandbox updates

– Community can be extremely toxic at high level play, WG doesn't have control over this but it certainly does not help retaining new players

– The release on steam to try to capture more market share is failing miserably as current users cannot use their login (they don't want steam taking a 30% cut on veteran player income or buying gold through steam, which is understandable but there should be a way to fix this)

– Not to mention the mostly negative ratings which usually only happen on pay-to-win EA games (e.g. NBA 2k20)

– New player experience was improved but they are not retaining at the rate they should be for an MMO

– Maps and games are either 15-5 , 0-15 due to favored spawns or whoever has the 279e/chieftain platoon

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– Premium tanks are better than their tech tree counter parts 99% of the time, other than one offs

– Now all these rare tanks are up for sale as a last resort cash grab?? The type 59 is super outclassed now tier for tier, they're just selling to collectors at this point

I don't think we can continue to ignore the elephant in the room. With EU and RU numbers in decline (still very high but not much growth), is it safe to say NA will face the fate of labeled "pay to win" and continue to shrink in numbers if these trends continue?

This is not a sh*t sandwhich, as they have made some improvements to help new players. They do create new content and some of it is actually very nice! But it scares me that they're not really considering the current shrink rate of the server and will just "milk the NA cow dry" until only 10k active users are left. That will probably lead to the merge of NA to EU. Curious what others think?

Sources: (Steam Page) (Rare tank Bundles)


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