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Am I the Only One Enjoying Cold War Mode?

I see a lot of complaints about everything that is wrong with the new mode. I felt similarly to a lot of folks here at first but after playing a few days, I actually rather enjoy the Cold War mode.

I feel like it is more balanced in terms of PVP (I haven't played CO-OP) as the teams all have similar tanks. I've read some say that it is like tier 8 vs 10 when you start and you're always bottom tier. I don't feel that way at all. I've marked the M46A1 and I don't have it fully upgraded yet. I haven't felt at a disadvantage at all. I understand the next TT tanks have better guns and turret armor but I'm used to playing light armored mediums so it doesn't bother me.

To explain what I mean by balance, I feel like the Cold War mode feels like the battle is decided by skill level of individual players and strategy rather than having "the best tanks". No arty one-shotting you is also a huge bonus. I love not having to feel that anxiety that arty is going to be raining down on me.

I actually think the true vision works well in this mode in preventing camping/sniping to some degree because the tanks are always rendered. I enjoy being able to watch for movement from a ridgeline when getting into position to engage early in the match. I actually prefer it over being "invisible". Again, in this case not having arty, TDs and lights, it is nice because spotting isn't quite as important as positioning/flanking. One last note on the vision system, I do like that the foliage is actually useful with true-vision. If you're not spotted, the foliage can actually hide you quite well even though you are rendered.

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I really enjoy the strategy and skill needed to play CW. Now I understand some say that it isn't new player friendly and I would agree with that in some cases. The costs are very high for upgrading tanks and the XP requirements are high as well. Also, I mentioned the deciding factor being skill and strategy for which newbies wouldn't really have starting out. That being said, I don't feel like learning strategy in Cold War would be a bad thing for a newbie. Perhaps the learning curve wouldn't be so bad if a newbie would only have to learn flanking and using cover in medium vs medium playstyle. Maybe this is where the CO-OP mode could shine.

I'm sure that WG will add more types of tanks to CW mode in the future and I actually look forward to that (so long as there's no arty!). For now, I'm enjoying the new CW mode and look forward to what they bring us next!


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