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AMX 30B needs some love

Content of the article: "AMX 30B needs some love"

The Problem

The AMX 30B is one of the worst performing tier 10 tanks in the game, evidenced by the very poor 47.88% win rate on the EU server. This is a lower win rate than such vehicles as the Centurion AX, FV215b and even the AMX CDC. I therefore think that this tank deserves some love from wargaming in the form of some buffs.

There are a few issues with the tank that combine to make it one of the worst tier 10 mediums available in the game. Firstly, if you try to play at close range your opponents will generally always be able to pen your tank even if you use ridgelines. This is because of the massive cupola weakspot that is visible to enemy vehicles before you can shoot at them. This is also not helped by the poor remaining turret armour around the mantlet that is very easy to penetrate. The hull is also a free pen which doesnt help matters.

Secondly, the tank has VERY poor shells. The first shell is an APCR round with the lowest pen of any tier 10 medium along side the Carro 45T and TVP 50/51. This shell is also slow for an APCR round with a mere 1100 m/s muzzle velocity. The fact this shell is APCR further worsens the vehicles performance at range as its penetration drops more rapidly than other shell types. The premium rounds are also very disappointing. They have the worst pen for any tier 10 medium at just 300mm. They also suffer from an extremely low shell velocity of 800m/s, and you guessed it, this is worst in tier. This means the tanks effective DPM is much lower than the theoretical base 3.1k due to non penetrating his.

These poor shells are not helped by the poor .35 accuracy of the gun. This means playing at any decent ranges will result in numerous misses and non penetrating hits. This combines with the bad armour situation, resulting in a tank whoms gun screams to get close but armour and speed which scream to camp the red line. The tank therefore ends up working nowhere.

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The Solution

As I see it there are 3 possible options for changing the vehicle to make it more competitive, which resolve around deciding where it should be played (long range, medium range or close range).

The first is the one I am least supportive of and find the least likely for wargaming to implement. This would resolve around reversing the changes made several years ago and giving several buffs like the Leopard 1 got. This was how it was designed IRL (the 2 tanks originating one one of the various efforts to make a unified European main battle tank during the cold war) but would not make for very interesting gameplay having 2 vehicles that are almost identical. I do not think Wargaming would make this change as the reason they changed it in the first place was to make it less like the Leopard 1.

The second option would be to turn it into a mid range support vehicle able to relocate and fire on move. I would leave the armour as it is but change the gun. This would involve buffing the penetration of the shells to bring it in line with other tier 10 mediums (possibly around 260mm pen on standard rounds and 330mm pen on the premium rounds) but leave the shell velocity the same. I would also buff the accuracy to around .33 instead of the current .35. Finally, I would buff dispersion on the move to 0.06 from the current .12. This is 0.02 better than the Object 140 and would allow the 30B to have the most accurate gun while moving of a medium tank in the game. I would also buff the turret traverse dispersion to .06 from .12. The tank could therefor drive around the map fast and fire on the move, allowing players to mitigate damage by using the current gun mantlet and speed. The .33 accuracy and poor shell velocity would encourage players not to camp at the back.

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The final option would be to buff the penetration to ~260 as well as the turret armour. I would do the same thing to the commanders cupola as wargaming did to the T29's turret boxes by making it no longer part of the hitbox. I would then apply small buffs to the rest of the turret face making it much harder to penetrate, but turning the rangefinder ports on either side of the turret into part of the hitbox and therefore weakspots. This would mean the tank is now relatively hard to pen through the turret but not impossible, turning into something than can use small ridgelines to brawl other mediums with its DPM. This change could also include a small buff of around 0.1 sec to the aim time to make it that extra bit snappier. The pen buff is to make it actually capable of penetrating the tanks it faces.

Ultimately this is all speculation, but I love this tank as my first tier 10 and would love to see it find its place in the game. Let me know what you all think, I would love to hear your opinions on these possible changes!


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