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Another List of advice to the event “The Last Waffenträger”

Content of the article: "Another List of advice to the event “The Last Waffenträger”"

This is another shorth guide to improve your combat in this new “Last Waffentrager” mode of WoT and it will be only focused on the Harriers’ side.

Very often, when I play the T55, it happens that many tanks remain isolated in some areas and do nothing useful and the game ends with a defeat.

The most important rule to win the game is to reach a good level of energy (like 8 and higher) to then proceed to attack the WT Auf E100. When you have upgraded your tank enough, it is necessary to ambush the enemy all together concentrating the firepower on it.

Whenever you see it and you’re not ready, escape at all costs.

Keeping this in mind as the golden rule, here are some tricks that will make the increase of energy faster:

  1. Make a platoon with your friends so you can play more like a team

  2. In early levels ram-kill the tanks

  3. Always keep one eye on the map to know WT’s location

  4. If the boss is too close or approaching, keep some distance from it using buildings or hills

  5. If the WT is too close to both spawns, clear one of them without collecting the energy, then focus on the next spawn

  6. Always plan ahead your next move: look where the next group of enemies is going to be

  7. You can offer you tank as a bait to the Wafentrager (travel around buildings and rocks to avoid direct fire until it gets you) and distract him in order to give your friends more time to kill the other tanks

  8. If your teammates are finishing a group of sentinels, start going towards the next spawn to save some time

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How to deal with sentinels, also known as “bots”:

  1. Aim at the rear of the tanks to hit the fuel tank and flame it

  2. If possible, run in circle around the bots to avoid their guns and shoot them using auto-aim

  3. Don’t shoot the at lower plate of the Pz.VIII

  4. Use an enemy as shield to protect your tank from the other 2 (also works against the WT!!)

So this is the best tactic I have used and again, the best thing to do is to collect the energies as fast as you can and completely ignore the WT until you can deal with it.


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