World of Tanks (WoT)

Artillery: An analysis from the common man Part 1: No one asked edition

Hello friends. It’s been a while, hope all is well. Today, I am going to discuss my thoughts on our most abhorrent enemy: Artillery. So, sit back, read up and leave me your thoughts. Also, perhaps now is the time to crack open that Mountain Dew and take a breather!

I want to first off say That I have over 100 tanks. Only 4 are artillery. When I first started playing, I picked one of each class to see what I liked best. I got them all to tier 5/6 before I settled on heavies and TDs. Artillery for me has stayed at tier 6 for a lloonngg time. Recently I picked up three new ones. A French (which I currently grind) to get one of each class at tier 10, the equalizer, and sexton.

I personally find artillery boring and static. You sit, wait, Fire, wait some more, fire, and hope your team isn’t losing cause a light tank may be on the way to hunt you down. This style doesn’t fit how I like to play: aggressive and fast. Like the unit I Deployed with, I like to drive up, shoot first and leave dust in my wake.

The only artillery I “enjoy” is the sexton. It can be on the front line, it can shoot fast, it can actually support the team in kills. We all know it’s OP as hell, maybe that’s why I “enjoy” it. That being said, I would rather play a heavy.

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My thoughts aside, here are some insights I would like to share.

I did pick up the equalizer as I was hoping the dynamic of artillery would change. I hoped for a more robust style of play, more engaging and faster. It turned out to be a gimmick. However, I do hope the multiple shot experiment is used in other ways. Perhaps different types of ammo. A flare to mark enemies, smoke to conceal friendlies, barrages to suppress, and direct fire to kill when necessary. These changes could make artillery faster, less deadly then current, and facilitate what artillery is in the modern Army, SUPPORT. Perhaps also a Kill/death/assist score could be used instead of the kill hungry system of Kill/death ratio. This way, akin to overwatch, support could be emphasized and not something that doesn’t result in numbers that don’t produce “stats”.

Just thought I would share. As I mentioned earlier, leave me your thoughts, I would love to hear them. Take care friends, until next time!


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