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Arty debate, the hypocracy of arty haters And players

The arguments for and against arty in this game are 90% bs in every way. This post is by someone who owns a 261 and several other tanks, is-7, t-57, 268, grille 15, etc so I have views from both sides in this matter unlike some of you. Let me start by saying I hate arty as much as the next guy, seriously I'm trying to go hull down in the kranvagn just for some gay ass t92 to dump a 1500 dmg present on me from the other end of the map. Anyway to the arguments. The first and most common argument about arty is what I just described, THEY DROP A FUCKIN NUKE ON YOUR TANK . and they either leave you dead or on 230 up. It's annoying af, I'm just trying to play this forsaken game( to this day I can,t say why) and god forbid have fun, anyway to the arty side of this argument, arty prevents camping, that's a fact, no matter your position in this argument you can,t deny that . This s next one is not as much an argument as an insult to arty players, that I feel I should address, " arty players are disabled, live with mom, 30 year old unemployed, hot pocket eaters". Not. True. I know a ton of people who have jobs and homes that play arty, this is another insult more than an argument that I know some asshole is going to throw at me " arty players are no- lifers whose options don't matter because they don,t want their busted tank nerfed". let me answer this question on their behalf. You people are the ones who shoot auf pz4s with gold and from your gay68 v5, so yeah alot of difference your fucking opinion makes, and if you use the argument that, "I'm rich enough to use gold" wow… And you say arty have no life. Anyway the other argument that I'm going to address. " Arty aren't even tanks, they shouldn't, be in the game. Do you really want to argue this? Really? Because if that's the case then TDs arn't tanks either, so if arty go then so does your deathstar, gay68 v5, e4, and any other non" tank" you have. In conclusion, as an owner of both kinds of tanks, I hate arty, and I likely always will, but unlike the superconquerer players who only cry about getting shot when they,re trying to snipe in a top tier heavy instead of fighting, I actually went out and got one, and let me say, it's not as easy as some people think. Bottom line, to all the people who cry about arty, please just stop, you are embarrassing yourself and WOT in general. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go brace for the cryers in the comments

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