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Best builds for the Crew 2.0 test sever for every tank type (besides unique tanks)

I've made builds for every standard tank of their type for when Crew 2.0 hits the test server since we got a tool that lets us test skills, here's the link scroll down and you'll see the list will all the skills:

TIP: The "Handling" stat refers to a stat that is basically equal to what Vents currently does in the game, coincidentally that means you'll see the "Coherence" skill in almost every build since that's basically the old Brothers In Arms.

When I'm talking about "Ultimate Skill" I'm referring to the skills that first require 30 points into their respective branch to unlock

"Rapid Fire" and "Clean Shot" are both good ultimate skills, however, it depends on your tank's fire rate/play style which is better. Generally speaking you want Rapid Fire on tanks with high fire rate and low alpha damage and Clean Shot on tanks with low fire rate and high alpha damage, also depending on how it works in game, auto-loaders will ALWAYS want Rapid Fire.

Scout Light Tank:

Team Spirit + Active Recon are MUST have ultimate skills for scout focused light tanks.

The 3 most important perks to get are Eyes Open, Coherence and Concealment BUT if you don't have 40 skill points from the start, It's best to focus on getting Team Spirit ultimate as it's incredibly useful especially in the hands of a skilled player and only then getting Concealment.

Medium Tank:

Rapid Fire for auto-loaders, Clean Shot for low fire rate tanks as you very rarely get to shoot on reload with such tanks when fighting competent players

Most important skills are Eyes Open and Coherence, the others take them however you wish depending on your tank needs, especially the driver training ones, you can ignore Off-Road Driving and Clutch Braking if the tank is mobile, and just go for Smooth Ride instead

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Heavy Tank:

The more armor your tank has the more important Nerves of Steel ultimate skill becomes, as well as Adrenaline Rush.

Also to be noted, when using Adrenaline Rush, either use 10/10 points or don't use it, as it increases the health threshold for when the 7% bonus reload speed activates, 10 points = 50% HP

Most important skills are Quick Repair, Pain Threshold and Adrenaline Rush

You can also switch around the driver training ones depending on what your tank needs.

You can't go for a second legendary skill because all other normal skills anywhere else are bad for most heavy tanks and the Technical Training ones are too good and VERY mandatory.


Rapid Fire is not the best, but most often than not SPGs fire on reload, and wasting 5 more seconds for Clean Shot to activate is not worth it (enemy might move away and your DPM gets lower)

Fighting Spirit ultimate is a MUST for arty because one kill means you'll activate it, the damage you need to do, you'll do it in 1 shot due to the low max HP of arty, so doing 50% of your HP in damage should be a piece of cake. So even if Quick Reaction and Eyes Open are not that good only when you're getting flanked close range when you can spot something for yourself, it's still worth it for the ultimate skill.

Best skills to get are Coherence and Fast Aiming BUT you might want to skip Fast Aiming until you have Fighting Spirit if you don't have 40 points to spend after converting crews.

If you have a narrow firing arc max out Smooth Ride as well.

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EDIT: u/xkcd505 pointed out that since Team Spirit would proc from stun/tracking shots, once you hit get an arty with longer stun duration and bigger splash radius (tier 8-10), it might be better to use Team Spirit instead of Fighting Spirit

Turreted Tank Destroyed:

Fighting Spirit is very important for these tanks as well as it should be easy to activate.

Most important skills are Coherence, Fast Aiming/Smooth Turret Traverse, Vulnerability Expert/Eyes Open. A bit tricky with the order of getting them, depends on tank and because Fighting Spirit is also very good this is one of the most expensive builds so far.

Smooth Ride is a must if you have a narrow firing arc as well and need to turn the tank a lot.

Turretless Tank Destroyer:

Generally speaking these tanks have strong frontal armor and can make good use of Never of Steel ultimate

These are by far the most difficult tanks to build, they're vulnerably to flanking so Quick Repair and Pain Threshold is a must, you really don't want a Light tank to get up your ass because you lost your tracks/driver.

But are they THAT important to be worth skipping Coherence and even Fighting Spirit? Very hard to answer, it's up to you.

You want to maximize your damage? go for Fighting Spirit, want to stay alive longer go for Quick Repair + Pain Threshold

Smooth Turret Traverse and Fast Aiming are interchangeable (as far as I know Smooth Turret affects these tanks when they turn their guns around even if they have no turrets, if not, just get Fast Aiming)

Again these are GENERALLY good for most of the tanks in that class, but you have more unique vehicles, like say the STRV 103B, which would look something like this:

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Maybe even go for maxed Concealment instead of Smooth Ride, it's up to you, if you drive up and down a slope shooting the second you stop because they'll spot you, then Smooth Ride is better, if you snipe more, Concealment is better.

Crew 2.0 is weird but very fun, there's definitely way more options to play around with and optimize tanks exactly how you like, I just hope they don't go through with the RNG Instructors, let us choose the exact skills instead, hell even remove class 1/2/3, that's just more pay2win stuff if you don't have class 1 ones which are the best, as if this game doesn't have enough pay2win (minor yes, but it's there, besides premium ammo, that's major pay2win since without a premium account you can't spam premium ammo like the people that have it)


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