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Blitz on Nintendo Switch Review

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Yes, I know, it's over a month since it was released, and I've been pretty busy recently so playing blitz has not been my priority, but it's better late than never right?

I was really happy that wargaming released WOTB on switch as I prefer controllers, plus it gives me a much easier way to play blitz. Anyway, here's what I found good (and bad) about the switch version:

Pros: From my experience it runs really smoothly and I have not yet found any bugs that I often used to get on my old ipad, such as the game just freezing but sound and controls still working. CONTROLLERS! I prefer controllers much more than touch screens simply because you can do so much more, much more easily. It reminds me of the video bushka made about the 'claw' method, where you could aim, move, zoom, fire simultaneously, yet the switch does it so much better as you don't need to mess with the controls, or have a desk to play, you can easily play it anywhere just like that. Adding to that, my stats improved from playing in switch compared to phone or ipad, as of course I could do much more drive by shootings in my LTTB 🙂

Cons: lack of communication. For me communicating wth the team is quite important, yet switch doesn't even have the option to send "Affirmative!". It would be nice for wargaming to atleast add the preset messages in a way similar to war thunder on ps4 (where you would press L3 or R3 (it's been a while since I played) and continued to hold it down until you hover over a message to select). On the other hand, though I do like saying gg at the end of the battle, but for some reason I enjoyed it alot more without the chat function, as there was no "ez", "noob" or any form of toxicity coming up on my screen, so I think if they could just update the preset messages (that ribble stripe hinted on) and then added them to switch, it would be the perfect device for me to play blitz.

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Conclusion: basically, if you have a switch consider downloading blitz and trying it out for 100 or so battles, as I think it is really worth it, and has so far been some of the most fun I've had in blitz (partially thanks to uprising coinciding with its release). If your not used to the controller that's no worry, after playing war thunder on ps4 and hopping into blitz on switch the movement mechanics were very different, but I easily fixed it by hopping in a training room with my best bud and having a full night of tiger 2 brawling, and hey, I was used to the controls without effecting stats one bit. (May be worth getting your helper to aim for you tracks also just to get used to repairing)

Anyway that's the little review over, hope is encouraged people to install blitz on their switch if they haven't done so already!


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