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Blueberry 3-mark review: VK 28.01

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Love those rings

Continuing the recent trend of the Rainbow Reviews and u/grogers0930 Peasant Bot review, I wanted to highlight a tank I somewhat unexpectedly three-marked: the tier VI German TT light tank, the VK 28.01.

I am a light blue wn8 player overall, with dark blue recents. Slight differences between and, with wotstars giving (imho) inflated values for the VK 28.01 specifically, but in any case, I consider myself a slightly above average player, with a ~54% WR when I was grinding the Chisel at tiers 9 and 10. I have only one other 3 MoE tank, the trusty T-34, and I am sitting at about 75% damage standing on my tier X light tanks, which I generally consider to be my strongest class. I would hope this type of review could give other average players the type of boost they need to get that first, second, or even third MoE.

The tank

After the autoloading Luchs and Leopard at tiers 4 and 5 (both fun to play), the tier 6 VK 28.01 is a more standard single shot tech tree scout. Good camouflage and vision will really help boost your assisted damage. It is not the most mobile tank at the tier, but it is more than enough to reach aggressive spots early and reposition around the battlefield as needed. The tank has a little bit of armor, so you can block the occasional shot from lower tier tanks, but it is obviously not something you should count on.

There are two choices for the gun: a 5cm and 7.5cm version. The smaller gun has lower alpha but excellent DPM; personally, I dumped it for the 7.5cm as soon as I could because the penetration is anemic. Perhaps a better player could make it work by aiming better at weak spots, but I got tired of bouncing every other shot. The accuracy and aim time is only slightly worse for the bigger gun, and the higher alpha sets up better trades. Both guns feature an excellent 10° of gun depression. What’s more, the damage requirements for the MoE are really low, so it’s noob friendly!

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Rammer, Vstabs, optics. I prefer the optics over binoculars, since keeping active on the battlefield is key to racking up damage. I was almost always outspotting my opponents with this setup.


69 AP / 18 APCR / 0 HE. I don't think I needed more premium ammo, and you are unlikely to run out, so take any shot that is offered to you. If silver is truly irrelevant, add more premium.

Small repair / small first aid / food. At lower tiers, I feel like it is less likely to have multiple modules or crew members destroyed, so I ran the small versions. Chocolate is necessary to boost your spotting and to make the gun work at its best.

Crew skills

I had a 5/6 skill crew. You don’t need something extravagant. The first four a core: 6th, BiA, Camo, Sit. Awareness. After that, I had Repairs and Clutch Braking, but Snapshot, Off-road Driving, Smooth Ride, and Recon would all be appropriate.

General tactics

It plays like a standard scout imho, so your typical Turkey Tank light tank tactics are appropriate. Get early detections and potshots, stay alive and support through the midgame, then use your vision and mobility to eliminate isolated tanks at the end.

Tier VI meta and map rotation

After grinding out the last stages of the Chisel contract, it was refreshing to come back to tier VI, where the opposition is, ah, more forgiving. More tanks cross out in the open, and fewer people react when they are spotted, allowing you to fully aim when getting that first shot from behind a bush. There are more YOLO scouts, so I would watch out for that and make sure I had team support.

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I found the current map rotation to be fairly light-friendly; since WG reworked Prokhorovka and Fishermans Bay, I saw both of those a lot, and I was able to have some good games. It seemed like low tier players don’t play Prok very well, with heavies along the 0-1 line either playing too aggressively and dying, or too passively, sitting back where I could then out-spot them. I found myself being able to use the “bowl” at E1-F1 in the mid/late game, whereas at higher tiers, a good medium player or hull-down heavy could dominate from there.

Final stats

Got the third MoE after 88 battles, with a 5400 wn8 ( / 3400 wn8 ( I feel like the wotinfo is more accurate for this tank, even though wotstars is console specific; maybe there is not enough data at the lower tiers. Only a (solo) 53.4% WR, with 1.51 DR, 1.56 K/D, and 4 spots per game. A substantial portion of my damage for the marks came from assisted: 800 direct and 645 assisted per game. A lower win rate than I would have anticipated, although I did have a string of rough games in the stock tank with really bad teams at the beginning of the grind.

Overall, I really enjoyed this tank, and the low overall requirements made it easy enough for even a (semi-) potato like myself!


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