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Bulwark – Is it worth the grind?

Link on Tankopedia: Bulwark

What is it made of?

  • Hull/Chassis/Tracks: Tier 5 – T-43 (from T7 Soviet T-43 )
  • Cannon: Tier 5 – QF 2-pdr Mk. X-B – 121/55 AP (from T4 British Matilda)
  • Turret: Tier 5 – Bulwark – 330m View Range / 26 degree traverse (from T8 Czech TVP VTU)
  • Engine: Tier 5 – Maybach HL 90 – 360 horsepower (from T5 German Pz. Sfl. IVC and T4 German Luchs)
  • Radio: Tier 8 – 9RM – 525m (from various Soviet tanks)
  • Crew: Comes with the Exiled Wolf crew, which has the Sixth Sense and Designated Target skills.
  • Spaced Armor/Special Features
    • A real frankentank, this is made from a lot of parts all modified to fit together
    • Color pallete is grey hull with green turret, no identifying other than a black and white X on the turret
    • This tank is a goofy and situational hybrid


  • Cannon is insanely fast and punchy, but does no damage
  • T-43 chassis can bounce stuff when hull down
  • No one expect you to do anything, so some reds will ignore you as you peck at their health


  • Like the Matilda, the damage is so low you don't do much help in some matches (especially against tier 7 since you have half their health and 1/8 their average damage
  • Relatively slow since this engine wasn't meant for something this heavy
  • Despite having a modified tier 8 turret, view range and traverse are nerfed heavily to a point where you can't engage quickly.

What makes it special

  • Unique design featuring Soviet, British, German, and Czech parts
  • Feels like a tank someone could have built if you have the knowledge, despite being more work than just fixing up something else which is already complete
  • A lot of people completely ignore you until your shots annoy them

Who will really enjoy it?

Anyone who enjoys the Matilda's gun will still like this tank. It plays a lot like a Matilda since the higher tier parts have either been nerfed or are situational.


This tank is fun, but like most of the tier 5 Merc tanks, you need NOT take it seriously. You might want to go for MoE's in this, but it will be a long haul since average damage varies based on how quickly the reds decide you are annoying enough to be killed. Given the time to catch up with the flank then pick your target to start whittling down, you need to focus on staying alive versus playing like a normal heavy. Remember, you are there to annoy tanks who are already engaged by someone else on your team. Your armor is easily penned by most things unless you are hull down. Stay back and annoy them. That's how you play this tank well.

Total rewards from stages

  • 46700 silver, 3 days of premium
  • 2X XP Boost – 2, 3X XP Boost – 1, 2X Silver Boost – 1, 4X Crew XP Boost – 1, 6X Crew XP Boost – 0
  • 3 automatic fire extinguisher, 3 large repair kit, 3 large first aid kit
  • 1 manual fire extinguisher, 2 small repair kit, 2 small first aid kit


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