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Caboose – Is it worth the grind?

Link on Tankopedia: Caboose

What is it made of?

  • Hull/Chassis/Tracks: Tier 3 – Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) Ausf. G (from T3 German Pz. 38 (T))
  • Cannon: Tier 3 – 7 cm Gun Type 94 – 35/160 HE (from T3/4 Japanese Type 91/Type 95)
  • Turret: Tier 3 – Type 91 Heavy – 330m View Range / 30 degree traverse (from T3 Japanese Type 91)
  • Engine: Tier 3 – Praga EPA/2 – 140 horsepower (from T3 German Pz. 38 (T))
  • Radio: Tier 8 – FuG 8 – 550m (from various German tanks)
  • Crew: Comes with the Hidden Death crew, who has the Camouflage skill
  • Spaced Armor/Special Features
    • Red spaced armor is randomly placed and used copiously on the turret and frontal armor
    • Two tone paint scheme with German grey on the hull and green on the turret/cannon
    • This tank comes with 3 French MoEs since it is tier 3 and MoEs are not a thing. Weird, but cool.


  • Cannon is OP against same tier (time your shots though)
  • Not sure whether it's the name or what, but no one seems to care until you get a pen, then you are public enemy #1
  • Comes with camouflage, which is helpful if you are sitting in the back or near end of match


  • It's slow, thanks to a turd of an engine
  • Aim time is 2.6 seconds, but if you are moving and come to a stop prepare to wait a long time
  • Armor is not good. I wish this tank had the micro-Maus hull (Pz. 38 H)

What makes it special

  • It's a tier 3 derp!
  • This tank is unique and plays unique to anything else at this tier
  • Great tank for platooning if you can manage to find anyone

Who will really enjoy it?

Anyone who enjoys the derp mechanics of low tier will like this tank. Drop bombs from afar on red who think sitting still is how to win, then they will panic and get killed or jump off a cliff. I see this as an absolute win!


You wonder just why more of the Merc tanks did not have this level of creativity. The setup is unique, a diverse mixture of bits and bobs, and it feels unlike anything else at this tier. It is a great LOLZ tank to derp around in from time to time after you got one shotted by a death star in your Leopard 1. Remember your aim time is crap if you just came to a stop. Wait and time out your shots unless you are on the run. Make the enemies fear the Caboose!

Total rewards from stages

  • 55400 silver, no days of premium
  • 2X XP Boost – 1, 3X XP Boost – 2, 2X Silver Boost – 2, 4X Crew XP Boost – 0, 6X Crew XP Boost – 0
  • 3 automatic fire extinguisher, 3 large repair kit, 3 large first aid kit
  • 2 manual fire extinguisher, 3 small repair kit, 3 small first aid kit


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