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Chisel – Is it worth the grind?

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What is it made of?

  • Hull/Chassis/Tracks: Tier 10 – Centurion Action X (from T10 British Centurion AX)
  • Cannon: Tier 10 – 120 mm Tank Gun L11A1 – 270/400 AP (from T10 British Chieftain)
  • Turret: Tier 10 – M48A5 Patton – 420m (now 400m) View Range / 40 degree traverse (from T10 US M48 Patton)
  • Engine: Tier 10 – Rolls-Royce Meteor TTSC – 1040 horsepower (from T10 British Centurion AX)
  • Radio: Tier 10 – AN/VRC-7 – 745m (from T10 US M48 Patton)
  • Crew: Comes with the Wicked Centurion crew, who has the Smooth Ride and Snapshot skills.
  • Spaced Armor/Special Features
    • Sides, lower front plate, and rear all covered in steel I beams (similar to what's behind the concrete on Hardcase)
    • Dark green paint sceme, which is not a common color for anything American or British
    • No other indicative physical features other than an M inside a square on both sides of the turret (non-symmetrical), and the IR camera on the turret has a leather cover


  • Great cannon from the Chieftain (although slightly nerfed, here)
  • The extra armor on the lower plate makes it hard for the enemy to know exactly where they are aiming
  • Spaced armor does help in some situations playing hull down/ridge running
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  • Unlike The Machine, the cannon has actually been nerfed (reload 9s instead of 8.25 / aim time 2.3s instead of 1.5 / accuracy on the move and rotation also worse)
  • Visually, this tank doesn't look very interesting
  • Let's be honest, this tank doesn't have many weaknesses other than the gun not being quite as good as it is on the Chieftain

What makes it special

  • This tank is an M48 + Centurion AX double header with the great cannon from the Chieftain
  • Easy tank to play even for potatoes unless they yolo
  • You have a tank which can do well with almost any flank on almost any map

Who will really enjoy it?

Anyone who enjoys the typical T10 medium meta will like this tank. It really is a good mashup of M48/Cent AX with a great cannon thrown in for good measure.


This tank is one of those "you should definitely grind this one" if you have the time and the tanks to do it. I had already worked through T110E5, 2/3 of the Conqueror, and the M48 before starting this one (due to The Machine), but I used this one to work through the rest of the British and American lines which were not done (T57 Heavy, Cent AX, FV4202, buying the FV215b, Chieftain, etc). The contract is long but not terrible other than the Stage 5 requirement for spotting your HP in 8 battles (which is NOT bad if you stick to good T8 Centurion tanks and play defensively). EDIT: This is now only 1 battle, not 8. This tank can really do well in just about any map/situation/teammates as long as you don't have potatoes who are too mushy. NOTE: I unlocked and played this tank before the nerf came in, which did decrease the view range and make it a little more of a 'normal' medium, but it is still an incredibly strong tank.

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Total rewards from stages

  • 677600 silver, 9 days of premium
  • 2X XP Boost – 7, 3X XP Boost – 7, 2X Silver Boost – 1, 4X Crew XP Boost – 3, 6X Crew XP Boost – 4
  • 3 automatic fire extinguisher, 3 large repair kit, 3 large first aid kit
  • 2 manual fire extinguisher, 3 small repair kit, 3 small first aid kit


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