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Community Update – Stream Recap – 10/08/21

Hello Reddit!

So, Sturmtigers! Let me know what you all think. We'll know a bit more on Monday when we can play them live! Aside from that, some big changes to maps to read about, and some really nice changes to the prices with the season pass next season. As always, let me know what you think below and I can answer any questions asked next week!

Here is the latest Community Update Stream recap from our WoTConsole Twitch stream.

This Week

  • Green Thumb Skill has been fixed
  • Added some missing commander portraits
  • Adjusted a rounding issue for MoE in PBRS
  • Removed press and hold for researching upgrades
  • New Western Alliance Détente Heavy: MBT70 + skins on October 5
    • Seeing a lot of comments about how its pen is subpar. Comparing to other heavies of the same tier:
      • Win rate: 50.3%, out of three vehicles of the same class/tier it is 2nd place
      • Damage: Marginally 2nd place nearly tied for first place with the T-72B
      • % of penetrated shots – 2nd place
  • October earn Challenge for T54E2
    • 115 players completed step 10 out of 12
    • 60 players completed step 11
    • 25 players already earned the T54e2 since the Challenge went live on October 5

Next Week

  • New WWII Sturmtiger Tank Destroyer line on Tuesday! I will play them live on Monday on Twitch
  • I will make sure to carefully monitor tank balance post-release to see if adjustments are needed
  • Daily Play Challenge: Random drop 1x/day with easy conditions. Drop table includes Key Cards, gold, tanks etc.
  • Tanks Reforged: E 50 M line + On Track
  • Spotlight on M1A1 and T-72B skins
  • Silver Rain Challenge
  • Removing CW maps from WWII, adding Ghost Town
    • Now one rotation for battle tiers 5-8, one for 9-11 (3 fewer maps than 5-8)
    • Tier 7 and 8 vehicles can be in either map rotation
  • Last week’s Tanks Reforged: Strv 103B Tank Destroyer Tech Tree line went live Sept 28
    • Win Rate:
      • Tiers 9-10 increased by ~1%
      • Tiers 4-8 increased by ~2%
  • Next Tanks Reforged is the E 50 M:
    • Improved the alpha damage and DPM of most of the guns from the Panther to E 50M
    • Removed bad stock guns from the Panther II and E 50 so they start with a more tier appropriate gun
    • Improved turret armor for the E 50 and E 50M to help with brawling:
      • Kraft panther will see increased alpha damage and all-around gun improvements
      • Pz. III Ausf. K received improved hull armor and accuracy
  • Next Tanks Reforged is related to Mi6… Can you guess?

Other topics of interest

  • MoEs: Avg number of players earning the MoE achievements each day:
    • 1st MoE: ~1500 players a day
    • 2nd MoE: ~185 players a day
    • 3rd MoE: ~35 players a day
    • 4th MoE ~25 players a day (more people working on 4th mark than 3rd)
  • MoEs: For those who like a challenge: Hardest tier X tanks to earn the Tank Ace per class
    • TD: Object 268 at 6,150 damage
    • Heavy: WZ-111 Qilin at 6,050 damage
    • Medium: CS-63 at 6,750 damage
    • Light: Manticore at 6,900 damage
    • Arty: Conqueror Gun Carrier at 5,092 damage
  • Continuing monitoring MoE, same rate of earning as before, will evaluate recent map weighting
  • Contracts UI is a work in progress, images were shown of concept
  • The next batch of maps re-arriving to the game are:
    • Thiepval Ridge
    • Raseiniai
    • Erlenberg
    • Lakeville
  • Halfaya Pass 2nd Playtest is being organized
  • Armadillo balancing is being investigated with the super test
  • Spectator HUD improvements. We will follow up next week on
  • Light tanks in Escalation have been lowering slightly but it is still an issue. Continuing to monitor
  • Working on smoothing the camera movement when going through the tank reel
  • Next season starts one week after this season ends
  • Considerable discount on the season pass for the next season
  • Recent color changes are still being monitored for feedback. The eyestrain/headache issue has been resolved
  • Mercenary Contracts will be for WW2 and CW, and for non-mercenary tanks
  • Camouflage has not been changed in this update. Please report as a bug if you are seeing this
  • WW2 HUD is still in a queue to have a concept designed for it
  • Ey/Ay Up Inscriptions are bugged. Team is investigating

All other images shown can be found here.

WoTConsole Twitch Streams – 1400 CST (1900 UTC):

  • Monday 11th October – Insider Information with MintoVimto – Sturmtiger Line Preview – Giveaway
  • Friday 15th October – Community Update with PainGod – New Tank/Event First Look – Giveaway

DISCLAIMER – These notes are translated to the best of my ability. As with the Update Preview Notes, these notes are subject to change. Complete and final notes will be made available prior to any update.

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