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Credit Where It Is Due

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This game has some faults. There is a fertile ground for rework and improvement, if the management is willing. Outside of the last 24 hours, I've tried to stay mainly positive over the last 2 years. I gave 'the devs' a pass on a few things (tank balance, map design, reskins), but I remained pretty constant with one major criticism: act like mature, global, professional software shop.

I have to admit, over 24 hours after this patch, and I haven't seen or heard of any major issues or bugs.

The downtime was, I believe, within the projected window. WWE was efficiently scraped away (RIP Anti-Arty signs) and replaced with a University of Florida/Denver Broncos themed flea market. Half of the player base isn't making a metric shitload of silver exploiting a bug. Only a select few, because they finally figured out the number one rule of Silver Club is we do not talk about Silver Club. As far as I know Arty-vision has stayed constant and they were not given all 5 Infinity Stones; they remain in possession of only three. Even the overlapping text in the Challenges page, something that was a problem the entire WWE season, seems to have been cleaned up.

The only possible bug may be the recurring 1 point op not incrementing from 2500, but we're going to keep that on the down low, because the first rule of 2500 XP Club is we do not talk about 2500 XP Club.

Speaking of patches, I'm not aware of any fast-follow hotfix after this update, either.

Don't @ me with "but shrinking player base and Machine is still OP and K91 still sucks and PS4 players ruined this game and REEEEE Hot Wheels is for kids".

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This not a let's kiss and make out love letter to WG. I'm still very annoyed at the (lack of) garage and the 4 blister pack collector set of identical tanks. The website livery was still showing SummerSlam as recently as this morning. And we probably still have the empty warchest bug.

But for now, it seems the core of this update was solid step in making a patch update without needing 5 more patches and 4 server resets to fix the first patch.


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