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Crew 2.0: First Impressions

Before I begin, I just wanted to first say that the reaction of immediately branding something new as bad is a practice that this community has to get rid of. Firstly, these changes are on the Sandbox test server for a reason, and the whole purpose of such a server is to test these changes. If people don't like them after the tests, they're gonna drop them and you shouldn't act as if these changes are confirmed to be coming and we're all doomed. Secondly, WG's videos (from my experience at least) have a trend of doing a bad job of explaining things in theory so before giving thoughts on something new trying it out first is always better. Through this preface, I'm not implying that I'm gonna have all nice things to say about this new system, I just wanted to address something that irked me about the community is all.

So anyways I messed around a little in the sandbox test server with these new crew changes and wanted to share my thoughts on its plus sides and downsides just off of my first impressions of it.

The Good

– Some of my first memories of WoT were to keep dismissing and re-recruiting 75% crews for new tanks as I was progressing through a tech tree. Since the grinds for vehicles cost less experience in those tiers more often than not you'd research the next vehicle without even getting the crew to 100%. This meant that you had to grind out a vehicle with a subpar crew, which was a nightmarish time, especially on tanks with high-dispersion guns like the Hetzer and artillery. As a matter of fact having to start with a subpar crew drove me away from using artillery which I'm very grateful for until many years later. Therefore, getting a 100% crew for free right off the bat in Crew 2.0 is an undisputed plus for reasons not the least of which is that you don't need to spend gold or credits just for the sake of operability. To compliment, it also allows for more streamlined early-game progression as players don't need to grind out the full potential of the crew.

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– Sixth Sense is undisputedly a game-changing perk if you possess it. Sixth Sense is something you consider an unfair advantage towards players who've grinded in a specific tank more so the entire community was pretty much in consensus that the way it was obtained needed to be changed in some way. Moreover, for most older players this perk isn't even the first one they grind up as most tend to grind up repairs/concealment and brothers in arms first, meaning that it would also cost more Crew XP to grind. TL;DR, Sixth Sense being available by default is something we all unanimously agree is a good thing.

– The number of Skill Points received during the conversion seems largely fair to me at first glance, and some fan-favorite skills and perks like Repairs, Situational Awareness and Concealment still exist. Some of the old skills and perks that have carried over have even been improved slightly, and the example I want to circle out for this is Intuition. Intuition, instead of being an RNG-based perk that switches your shell type instantly randomly, became a more impactful perk where if the gun is fully loaded, the time it takes to reload a shell of a different type is decreased. This not only removes the RNG aspect of this perk but also makes it a lot more practical and dependable.

– While seeing the full list of skills and perks initially can be a little overwhelming, the interface for the most part does a good job of explaining exactly what each skill or perk provides you with in a battle. To add on to the GUI side of things, notifying the player when a certain skill or perk is active is also a great inclusion that I honestly thought would take WG another 6 months to implement, given their track record when it comes to implementing obvious QoL changes.

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The Bad

– I don't know how big of a deal other people think this is, but Brothers In Arms is gone, and that will hurt since we're all probably used to our current view ranges, traverse speeds and reload times so it might be a little hard to adjust to not having it anymore.

– The cost for using the same crew on another researcheable vehicle is a ludicrous 500,000 credits for a crew that is level 10 or higher, and skill points are still lost from doing this across both vehicles. This is pretty obviously a bad system that costs a lot more than the previous system. I'd suggest making the cost of retraining scale with the level of skill points accumulated, with 10-15 being around 60000, 15-20 being 90000, and so on.

– Some of the perks and talents in the list are made for hilariously specific situations, or provide a rather impractical buff at the cost of a significant disadvantage. One prominent example is Applied Medicine, which increases handling by 10% at the cost of a 30% increase in the kit's CD. This works out to a 117 second cooldown for the med kit, and in most situations I'd rather have the med kit active again as soon as possible than getting a 20 second buff to maneuverability. If these talents stay the same I could see people not unlocking these talents ever and choosing to just go with the skills and perks they want.

– The three tank limit on the number of vehicles a crew can be used on is kind of pointless as a whole since it costs the same to replace any of the tanks in the three slots, and the same skill point penalty and 500k credit price apply whether you're filling in the 3 slots or replacing a tank in one of the 3 slots.

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– The Instructor Candidates are a good concept but seem like they might be scarce in number since the only ones featured are the event Commanders like Chuck Norris and the Snow Maidens and the female commander rewards from the main campaign, meaning we may not have that many to put into all our favorite vehicles as from what I can see we can't recruit new ones.

These are my thoughts as of now, let me know what you guys think about them and whether I've missed anything or made a wrong observation anywhere


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